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Guns that dont live up to thier hype.....


The number 1 gun for me that everyone says is overpowered, easy to use, etc, is the MP7. Dont get me wrong I like it, but I dont care for the sights on it. The recoil is very low with kick and/or silencer, but I also think it has more recoil than people say it has. I use rapid fire and silencer or rapid fire with extended mags.


Because I dont like the sights on the MP7, I use it mostly for close quarters and hip fire with it. So in my opinion, the faster rate of fire with the MP-9 or the PP90 is the way to go. And tho the MP7 has a faster fire rate than the UMP, the faster rate of fire isnt worth giving up the damage, range and the better iron sights of the UMP.


Overall it is fun to use. It looks cool and is fun to spray with because of the extra bullets with ext mags. I would only use it in a game mode where u can respawn because in SnD your gonna get beat if you run into a PP90, PM-9, Striker, AA-12 or even akimbo FMG's (tho theyve been nerfed to oblivion). So yes fun gun to use. Is it overpowered I definately think not.