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Things that define you as a noob

So, according to these boards...



Type 95



Quick Scoping



Hip firing SMGs

Noob tubes


Akimbo anything


Not running around the map the whole time.





Support strike package

UMP 45


What guns am I allowed to use and how would you like me to use it? 

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    Haha, screw them all, just play and have fun

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    Agree with everything but #'s 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19. So only about half the list

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    oh oh this is fun.. can I add :


    Drop shotting.. Noob

    Defend an objective - Noob/camper

    Not collecting Tags..  Noob

    Collecting Tags - Noob

    You have a life outside of COD - Noob

    Using the Knife, even if your out of ammo - Noob


    Oh and my personal Fav :


    K/D under 2.50 - Noob

    W/L under 80% - Noob


    But yea, play the game and actually killing somone = guess what? NOOB

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    #20 Using a sniper rifle and hardscoping

    #21 Using the RSASS

    #22 Using the MG36

    #23 Using the recon drone to tag someone

    #24 Dying in any way shape or form

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    I got called a noob once for killing someone with the throwing knife.

    The cr@p people come up with is ridiculous.

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    From your list I only agree with Akimbo, Deathstreaks, Camping, Support strike package, noobtubes and RPG's. I don't see what's wrong with using strong weapons... That being said I never use FMG's or the T95, the type 95 is a beast for close range, but for long range it sucks, while it's supposed to be a long range weapon. And I prefer a pistol as my secondary. I also don't see what's wrong with easy to counter tactics like dropshotting (just aim down at the ground... If you get dropshot a lot and you still get surprised by it... it's your own fault) or strafing / hipfiring... I don't see what's wrong with defending objectives either, I personally prefer to kill them off spawn so they can't get there,  to camping at the objective, but it's still a legit tactic to win games...

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      wow.. you didnt really pick up on the tone..


      My point was.. as long as you kill someone in this game... regardless as to how.. your going to be called a Noob.. simple..


      If I get a cross map t.knife onto a dom point being taken.. I still get called a Noob.. lucky yes.. noob eh.. I dont think so..

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    Definitely "Akimbo Anything"



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    Akimbo weapons, using assassin at the begining of a match. Sitting in a corner or bushes. Thats my list. Ohh and <1 kd=noob

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    You said camping 3 times and also #25 - Shoot down air support w/ Stinger and Blind Eye

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    Defending the bomb sites in S&D? Campe...I mean NOOB!


    - tHQs Roadblock

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    Anyone that misuses the term newbie

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    If you let ANYONE tell you how to play YOUR game that you paid for, along with the internet connection, computer, electric bill, etc... = NOOB!!


    Screw what anyone tells you, play what, how, when you want with your paid for game. When THEY pay YOUR bills, then they can have a say, MAYBE.



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    anybody that cries about other players play style, screams nerf this/that, wines about what perks others use, boosts, glitch cheat, and then try and defend said actions = ultra NOOB

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    Some of you got the point here.  I just love how you are called noob for killing someone/causing someone to be killed.


    Toss a frag toward red dots on your mini map, NOOB

    Sit and wait for those red dots to come around a corner, NOOB

    If you happen to end a killstreak, you are double NOOB

    It's getting to the point I'm waiting to see a thread whining about people shooting back at them when they got a kill streak going.

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    For me Noob only means underbarrel grenade launchers and RPGs.

    I do get the tone of your thread and find it funny but true in what you say.

    Looking at some of the things listed...A stinger??? how is using a stinger make you a noob? Do you just want me to not shoot down your hard earned heli and instead let it kill me and my team mates repeatedly?

    As for the blind eye perk. It is a fact that it is tier 1's strongest perk imo.

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    I gave up on the community when I played one round and hardscoped a guy. The guy then sent me a message calling me a "hardscoping ***" and a "noob."

    So, I spent the rest of the match quickscopeing. Guess what? In the lobby, I got called a noob again by the same enemy team because I was quickscoping with the L118A, and not the RSASS.


    Does that make sense to you? Because it sure didn't make sense to me.

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    I've died 50,000 times so far in MW3, all by the hands of noobs.


    ADS and shooting

    Hip firing

    Using an AR

    Using a Shotgun

    Using an SMG

    Using a LMG

    Using a Sniper Rifle

    Using Deathstreaks

    Using Support Killstreaks

    Using Assault Killstreaks

    Using Specialist



    Using attachments on your guns

    Using Proficiencies on your guns

    Using perks


    All of the above makes you a noob. If you kill me, you're a noob

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    firing javelin indoors

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    Realizing that the majority of those that use the term "noob" in game are lucky to have reached puberty provides the lack of rationale used by the individual using the term when they just died and have no other alternative to spew out than the prior list of terms aforementioned.  Sorry, I don't like commas.  I did put one in though.

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    Perkadelic, you are right in what you say, ie:a guy was playing in interchange and decided to fire his Javelin under the covered part and kills himself. Also people stopping to destroy a claymore/betty or C4 but standing to close, are imo NOOBS

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    If I die in any way, even if I kill myself on purpose, you're a noob!

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    There's challenges that require deaths, like get 100 kills in final stand, boy did that take me a while. I'd start a kill confirmed match, go out and get as many kills as i can, but as soon as i get killed i go out and run to the enemy twice more to get final stand. Took me maybe a week, but i have that rainbow unicorn emblem now. Another one, get a riot shield kill in the game winning killcam, tried TDM and KC, no luck. I go over to S&D, did it second round, got him down to flashing red with my second primary weapon (MP7) and  he ran and hid around the corner on Village, i sprinted rounded and smahed him with the shield, challenge done. There are many challenges like this that required many deaths to achieve them, and most of the time i get called a NOOB ? I'm a noob for wanting to complete online multiplayer... i do have a mic, but if i switch it on and say what i'm trying to do, it'll just be, "yeah yeah what ever, noob". Bearing in mind i have a 1.16 K/D, not very good, but since it used to be 0.70 ( in the early mw3 days last year), i think it's impressive, i'd have a 1.40/1.50 K/D now if i was good from the start, but since i have 70k kills, it's mage hard to increase my k/d.

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    None of these in specific. A dbag is someone who uses the FMGS and makes you rage, a noob is someone who does bad with the fmgs.


    Noobs are people who make teams lose constantly. Aka always going negative while never adding to the team / objective > uber noob. People who camp corners just for kills in dom / kc > incredibly lame noobs. People who ignore the objective constantly. Also people who act retarded over the mic or play stupid music loudly over it thinking they are cool. Dead man’s hand free kills of course.


    Few days back I cracked after a bunch of split screeners went 7-45 constantly together in KC. This went on for games before I cracked and messaged them to go suck each others dic-ks off instead of handicapping teams constantly online.

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    a noob has never gotten a moab...

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    Last night I heard 2 guys (same clan tag) in a lobby. One says to the other "I'm going to use a bouncing betty and portable radar. Heehee now that is a tryhard class" the other guy says "Oh you're such a noob! Tryhard Noob!". Then our lobby merged with another one that had 3 clan guys in it and they quickly left the lobby.

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    If you play this game or any other FPS you are a noob (accroding to many people in the internets).  Plain and simple.  If you get killed, it was probably just a noob and not b/c of your lack of king kong skills.  I like what DLUND had to say, every death of mine has been at the hand of a noob.  So true. 

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    The only thing in that list that is noob is quickscoping.


    Exploiting the auto aim and posting montages of it on youtube thinking it means you have "skill" is the ultimate form of noob.


    It requires zero effort or skill at all on consoles thanks to aim assist, and on PC it's so pathetically easy anyone could master it in 5 minutes.



    Quickscoping was invented by little kids, for little kids.

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    Commenting on this thread = NOOB

    anyways you get called noob no matter what you do. I got called a noob for using a Riot Shield in S&D and killing a guy? What has the community come to...