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Bancandy still works!!!

Been questioning whether this method was even working anymore considering I sent a video of 2 boosters to Bancandy over 2 weeks ago and nothing had been done so thought they had got away with it but just had a look at Elite there and they have just been reset yesterday by the looks of things, one of the guys has played 1 hour, has 37 kills and 59 deaths with 4 losses and a win, he's going to have a really tough time being legit lol.


Another thing, there should be a sticky for people to thank Bancandy, maybe moderated so messages were checked first so no one spams it because after getting boosters reset everyone feels the need to say thanks but not everyone wants to spam with threads saying thanks.

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    Ive lost faith. Had A 100% video proof thats still playing 3 weeks later. 

    Video I provided has him TI with another drip.  I provided 2 games after

    where this drip went 70 - 1 and 30 - 0 and he has 1 person he killed.


    Provided same evidence to one her "Friends" and yet he is still playing.


    I provided two other players names with 100% proof and this same

    info went to another of her "Friends" and they are still playing.


    As far as Im concerned they are getting over run and they cant handle

    it and they are far far to Lenient.



    Im not longer reporting boosters.  It dont do any good in my mind as

    actions speak louder than words.  They can say they are handling it all

    they want but as long as I see these people still playing . Actions say

    something entirely different.

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      Sort of agree with you here , while I'm still willing too take the time too edit the video and send it in , I've got 6 boosters still playing 3 weeks after reporting


      It used too be 2-3 days tops


      Maybe IW should give BC some help in sorting thru the back log before people just stop bothering too report!

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      guys there is a guy on here his name is something like smoke something let him know he works with the enforcers i reported someone and he was banned 2 days later

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    I sent her the GT of someone with 42 days double exp, consistently boosts on his tac in kill confirmed, and also does traditional boosting, and nothing happened yet. I hope this mother_ gets banned

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    I am not sure why you guys are having problems with Bancandy, Personally i have reported 10 different people for bootsing clan tag glitch etc. out of the 10 8 currently have been reset. You guys have to understand Bancandy probably gets a 1000 PM's a day or more. give it time

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      I sent a few in about a month ago and their still playing, I'm just assuming Bancandy gets tired of investigating all these players and says eff it. I'm sure most of us would at some point. I dont even bother with it now

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    they must still be banning i normaly can tell by score or kills rank when it drops by a few hundred thousend it makes me think the hammer has fell .

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    This is 2 month old lol.