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Nerf stringer/buff air support

I think it's annoying that some attack helicopters or ah6-overwatches get shot down before reaching the battlefield, or osprey gunners getting destroyed before even dropping all the care packages, the precision airstrike getting no kills in a high traffic area in a ground war match, and getting killed by stealth bomber called by someone who died 32 times.


buff air support, make all air supports 1 stringer missile stronger: attack helly 2, reaper 3, pave low 4...


don’t show where enemy air support is on the minimap, like the stealth bomber.


+ make the precision airstrike at least as strong as the stealth bomber because at the moment it is useless.

+  LMG's + blind eye pro, is way to OP against air support. nerf it.

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    I'm sorry but the Airstrike is plenty powerful enough, whenever I get it I get at least three kills. As for "buffer the air support" are you crazy? As it stands right now, it takes at least three Stinger missiles to knockout the Osprey Gunner/Escort Airdrop, two for Pavelow, three AC-130, one-two for Attack helicopter, two for AH-6 Overwatch, and Reapers. Just like there's no way that I've seen so far to knockout the Jugg planes, to be honest what should be buffered is the SAM Turret, when it takes six missiles to kill the Advanced UAV, though one missile kills it with the Stinger.

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    I highly disagree with everything you have said here. Lol.


    My suggestion: Don't rely on your airsupport so much and you wont care anymore. Just because YOU want easy kills, doesn't mean everyone else wants the game ruined.

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    ^  THIS  ^


    Fix lag,spawns,and matchmaking..everything else is workable..

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    Are you kidding me? air support shouldn't guarantee you kills, and people should be able to take them out (the smart thing to do).


    I will actually be very happy when Treyarch make it the same as Blops with their new game; I love being able to take out Helis with just a LAW/SMAW, instead of having to carry a stinger/strella about.

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    Only thing I agree with is the Stealth Bomber; there's no incentive to stay alive since you get it regardless.