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Lets talk about MW1 as many people, myself included consider it to be a 'Classic'. So what is it that made MW1 a Classic? To me is was several things and I feel that the first three points are the most important and led to the following points. Here is my take on why it's a classic:


1. There was no other game that came close to the multiplayer experience.


2. There was nothing to rival it for several years


3. So, many people played it for several years (myself included)


    Which led to:


3. Increased Familiarity with MW1


    Which led to:


4. Players of a much higher skill level


    Which led to:


5.  More competitive games, rivalry and comradery.


These are the things which makes it a classic in my mind not to forget the fact that I met the best & closest group of friends I have on PSN way back when I was playing MW1. Now I know that the revenue from each annual COD release is in the excess of $1,000,000,000 so its understandable that there is one released each and every year, it is just busness and Activision is out to make money like every other company. But unfortunately that is part of the problem. Other 'Classic' games such as Goldeneye or the original Mariokart didnt become classics because they were only played for six months to a year it was because they kept people coming back for years which led to the steps detailed above, enough said.


I'm certain that i'm not alone in wanting that experience again with a COD game and do honestly believe that the link below COULD be the solution and below the link is my argument as to why it could be the solution.




My reasons why I think this could be the answer to making another COD title a classic AND working on keeping COD popular. First up I think that 6 multiplayer careers AND a minimum of 50 maps up to a possible 100+ maps would keep many many die hard fans very happy for a long time and the steps above will come into play... Which leads me to my next point, with everyone (or the vast majority at least) happy having a vast and varied COD title to play and keep them busy Activision, IW and Treyarch could spend the next 2 or 3 years developing a new game engine, ideas, fixing problems etc etc. I for one would be happy with so much longevity and variety and hopefully an online gaming era such as the MW1 online era! I'm sure by the time I was getting bored of said title there would be a brand spanking new COD experience with a new engine, ideas etc. You get the idea, A 'Classic' game to keep us busy while they reinvent the sometimes broken sometimes dated looking COD titles we see. Don't get me wrong I do love COD (when i'm not lagged to despair!) but all sequels need to add a little something new, to progress and not die. Besides Elite (Which is a very grand idea, I just hope they can get it working!) I don't see loads of progression, I do see some but i'm not sure that it is significant enough to justify many more purchases. After all this time & different titles i'm sure they would have a better idea of what the system would need to do, have to endure (user volume, hacking & known COD glitches etc) and to implement and test new features that the current system can't manage. We would all benefit from the COD engine/system being rebuilt from scratch, there are things happening on COD that it struggles to do because quite simply it was never designed to do them. Please Activision, Infinity Ward, Treyarch give us the game that we want, the way we want it and I honestly do believe that the producers of COD want the same thing that I do. A classic COD that works better than any other!


If you read this far then thank you, what are your opinions on this and what do you think of mine? I'm grateful for all constructive criticism and feed back. Peace & good gaming to you all