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Possibly a way to help Lag!

By chance this weekend, I may have found a way that has helped reduce that goddam awful lag.


Upto this time I have tried everything hat people have suggested, most with no joy.


Near my home they have been doing some street repairs and my power went out to my home, So come last night I finally sat down to play some mw3 when the power was back on, and when loading I noticed my nat type had gone to strict (I normally have open) because my router had powered off and back on again.

So I thought I would try and play with a strict nat as had not done so before.

And my god was it different, I straight away noticed the difference, I could move without that feeling like your running through mud or someone holding you back, I didnt get any missed shots or hit markers and had some really enjoyable games, it was like a different game.


So today I thought I would test it again and havnt changed my router settings to get back an open nat and lo and behold it stills plays much better. Not perfect but a whole lot better.

I don't know if its just some coincidence or what but I would strongly reccomend its worth a try to play with strict nat.


Please if anybody tries this, post here and let me know.

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    What you are suggesting is one of the suggested ways listed in the past to help lag.  It works because it prevents you from being able to host the match which many who have been host have reported as a major source of lag.  Since it is working well for you I would suspect you were becoming the host pretty often prior to this.

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      I must have missed those posts, as tried just about everything else to no avail.


      I was host a lot it seemed almost all the time, which blows out the theory that the better connection the worse the lag or vice versa as have two homes one with super fast and one with below average as its in the country.

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        Hosting is a result of NAT type, not your connection speed per se.  I used to play with my router set to DMZ to get the open NAT then I changed it back once I realized hosting is a disadvantage in this version.  Faster connections result in lag compensation, slower connections result in lag, they are two totally different things.

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          How do you know this to be fact? as far as I know, nowhere is this confirmed (i'm not saying youre wrong, or arguing with you, I just want to know for sure)

          I was informed (rightly or wrongly) that you pull host if you have a good (or better than others in that lobby) upload speed, (not download as its peer to peer) and ping speed is increased or decreased, depending on your distance from the others in the lobby. Imo a local search could be what is needed in this game.

          I have been playing fps since day dot, and have or had the whole collection of cod's and in cod4 and mw2 you needed an open nat to host which gave you advantage. I understand and know mw3 has messed with a proven method that worked and imo got it terribly wrong, and dont believe it can be changed as its code embedded in the disc.

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            You can't pull host with a strict NAT type.  I can't prove anything to you as far as I know there is no place Activision or IW have posted any of this to be true regarding hosting rules.  Most of this info is a collaberation of subjective data from multiple users posted all over this forum and the net.  Just like you saying not having your NAT open has given you a better playing experience (that is a subjective statement to your own personal interpretation).  Just like with most things you will probably never find hard concrete proof of things but that doesn't mean that they aren't that way.  Past COD's gave an advantage to the host, this version does not.  If you want more information it is definately only a search away but again you will probably find conflicting information everywhere you look.  I am not trying to be a smart ass, I am just trying to give you the information that I have found after countless searches and conversations on the topic.  Also, I wish I could say that the game matching system weren't flawed but I keep getting matched up with people from different countries and people on the other side of the U.S. so obviously the game matching system has other rules besides location and distance when setting up.

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              Same here bro, I have spent too much time searching & trying for a good connection, and as you say so many conflicting ideas. I just would really like to know for sure, but as you say its like looking for the holy grail. Guess we will have to make do and hope they learn from their mistakes and correct it in future games. I'm currently living in the UK and nearly every game I play is with people from all over the globe.


              Peace out & enjoy

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    Try playing wireless now too.

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    The question i have is now that ive done the MW2 disk thing to set my NAT to open how do i set it back to strict? When i play online i use an ethernet straight out of my modem no router into my ps3 and theres no way for me to get into my modem, my isp wont let me or give me access to it. I do have a router an apple airport extreme router but i have no clue how to do any settings that would affect my NAT on that if i chose to use it.

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      Who is your ISP?  If you can't access your router I don't think there is anyway you will be able to change it.

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        just a small isp im sure youve never heard of GWI yea they wont let me in they think im gonna screw something up ive already asked over the phone how to access it and they wont give me the information. I guess im stuck always being open NAT, i really like to try any new suggestions even though none of them have worked so far. If i wanted to call my isp and ask them to change a setting in my modem for me what would i need them to change? what should i ask for? theyd probably think this guy is whacked lol

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      K1ller_911 wrote:


      The question i have is now that ive done the MW2 disk thing to set my NAT to open how do i set it back to strict? When i play online i use an ethernet straight out of my modem no router into my ps3 and theres no way for me to get into my modem, my isp wont let me or give me access to it. I do have a router an apple airport extreme router but i have no clue how to do any settings that would affect my NAT on that if i chose to use it.

      Get a router and put it between your PS3 and your modem.

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    This is in support of TraderEarl because he is correct with his comments.

    Opening/Closing ports does not change the latency or bandwitdth available to your PS3. What it does is allows functions, such as the mic, which requires a specific port to be open in order for THAT traffic to be allowed.

    This is from a tutorial that I wrote a while back.


    There is no guarantee that these will not change or that you may need to add more in the future. Just to show you that changes are made those were the ports listed on the Playstation website. Here are the current listings.


    SCEA Game Servers
    All games published by SCEA (first-party) may use the following ports for communication with SCEA (first-party) game servers:
    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    UDP Ports: 3478, 3479,  3658, 10070, and 50100

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658

    PLAYSTATION®3 Remote Play
    If the router in use supports UPnP, enable the router’s UPnP function.
    If the router does not support UPnP, you must set the router’s port forwarding to allow communications to the PLAYSTATION 3 from the Internet.
    The port number that is used by remote play is TCP Port: 9293

    USB or Bluetooth Headsets
    TCP Port: 80
    UDP Ports: 6000 - 7000, 50000, 10070

    Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
    TCP Port: 3658
    --- If I am not mistaken that is for Demonware servers, same as COD4.

    PlayOnline and Final Fantasy XI
    TCP Ports: 25, 80, 110, 443, and 50000 - 65535
    UDP Ports: 50000 - 65535

    Other Games
    If you need port numbers for games published by third-party companies, contact the publisher of the software title directly.  See Game Support Contacts for contact information.


    So while you can still connect to the servers or other functions, the strict might simply mean the port for mic access isn't open. Only one port blocked will give you a strict NAT.

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      Thanks JT235 you obviously understand these issues better than most, and great tutorial but am I missing something or am I just having one of those dense senior moments!! lol.


      Are you saying to open the ports as I thought that gave you "OPEN NAT" which is what I had as I had done all of what you said and I still suffered major lag. Now I have strict nat and much better game play, as due to the power outage my router reset and is using a different port or ports etc on the router. Again sorry to seem dense but its all sooo confusing.

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    Im pretty sure he's saying NAT type will not effect gameplay,bandwidth or latency in any way. But id still like to try it for my self i just dont know how to get it back to moderate or strict. Im pretty sure it was set to moderate when i first bought the game.

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    turning Upnp off used to give me a Moderate NAT type which stopped me from hosting.. my problem was because my ping is quick in 10ms i still suffered from lag compensation... my bandwidth is 38/8 so thats also great.. but for MW3 it sucked.. i havent played MW3 for a while now because of the above... dont know how i would get a strict NAT or what advantage it would give me due to my fast ping..

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      I don't believe that ping has anything to do with lag as your ping is dependant on where the other players in your lobby are located geographicaly, as ping is the time it takes for one packet of data to travel to and from a set location (server) if they are all located within say 50 miles form you your ping will be low, if they are located the other side of the world it will be high. when you do a test with speed test.net try choosing a server in another continent and see what your ping is then.

      As I said in another post just played again with strict nat, no lag, fluid movement and great hit detection. So its working for me and by the way its only showing I have 3 bars!!

      Good luck

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    Open means that your PS3 has a public IP address with all ports open.


    Moderate means all ports that are needed are open but you are behind a firewall which is giving you a private IP address.


    Strict means that there is a needed port for a function is being blocked.


    IF you have a router/firewall and you have the PS3 setup correctly in the DMZ you could have either Open or Moderate. Depends on the router and firmware to get Open. Also depends on the game. MW game me open with the exact same setup now but MW3 gives me moderate.


    IF you have your PS3 direct connected to your modem you should have open.


    IF you are using UPnP make sure that your firmware is the latest and greatest. Some older versions do not work well with the PS3.


    IF you are using Port forwarding make sure you have all the ports. What I listed is OLD!!! I don't know if there have been any changes in the past few years. Here is the link to the full tutorial, again quite a few years old. I no longer have a LinkSys but Tomato is still very good.


    www.clanbluntforce.com/cBF_Forum/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=24&sid =3ae739c117c07c4ea39b43d0defa5179

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      Again great info JT235 but just tested mine again and its strict nat, straight into a 50 ping lobby, 3 bars, no lag, fluid movement and great hit detection. So I am going to stay with strict nat as it works for me, if my mike doesnt work no biggy as most of the time im with randoms and all they do is speak crap or play music and I can live without that function not working.

      Thanks for the link I will save that and digest it tomorrow as gotta fly to Germany at 6am and I need my beauty sleep. (just looked at your link, couldnt help myself, lol but it shows a message only for registered users)

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    Hhhhhmmmmm how the hell do i go STRICT.. any idea's ?

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    You know I just thought to myself and had a little chuckle! What IF you are blocking a port that allow passthrough to test your connection? LOL or even the port that transfers data for IW that may include region? And that is why you are getting in to local rooms?


    I am sorry but to me that would be Fn hilarious! That would just prove that IW has NO clue on how to use the data they are getting from the users PS3!


    Can you determine what ports are open to your PS3? If you are using UPnP there should be a log file stating what is being allowed to go through.


    If you are using port forward I would love to see what rule set you have.

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      Hey JT 235,  Im using the first white BT hub at this home (its old but I get the best connection)  im wireless and when mw3 came out I set up a static ip for ps3 and set it up for mw3 and opened the ports below. And i have disabled the routers firewall.

      However I could not get an open nat with just these, so I tried inseting mw2 and that gave me open nat.

      But since my power outage it reverted to strict. On the ps3 settings upnp is available, mtu is automatic, primary dns is the same as my default router subnet mask is secondary dns is mac address is 00:24:8D:06:3B:34 proxy server is set at do not use and nat type is showing type 2 (even though on mw3 it shows strict.) and my media server connection is disabled

      Don't know how but gameplay is still smooth and no lag again today.

      Thats all the info I can get from my router and ps3

      Please excuse my dumbnes but my brain is fried today as have flown to Germany and back and had major meetings all day.

      I would be really interested in knowing your opinion of this set up and what you can figure out, so please post back up here your findings

      tcp 80-81

      udp 80-81

      tcp 443 -443

      udp 443 -443

      tcp 3478 - 3479

      udp 3478 - 3479

      tcp 3074 - 3075

      udp 3074 - 3075

      tcp 3658 - 3658

      udp 3658 - 3658

      tcp 5223 - 5223

      udp 5223 - 5223

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        Update: just played a few games, no lag, mostly local lobbys, fluid movement, 3 bar connections & raised my kd, really enjoyable games. Just wish I wasnt so beat as could play for ages like this!!!  Just gotta hope it stays like this. its been like this for 3 nights now so I guess having a strict nat is good. BTW theatre is off as well.


        If this carries on gonna have to change my name to Exlagsufferer!!