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laggers and aimbot


Has any one come across this ib any games on multiplayer, everytime i get into a game which everytime is with my clan we are guarenteed to get at least 1 in every 3 games where sumone one the other team is either lagging or has aimbot ( possibly). Has this just been a bit of a problem within the server's or is there an issue that needs addressed of laggers and aimbots. For example i played a game last night on mission hardcore kill confirmed and there was a guy with a tactical insertion in the corner of the church courtyard and i locked onto the player, dropped him and moved to the opposite side of courtyard b4 he respawned as he respawned he automatically knew where i was and within less then a second of spawning he dropped me. He stayed in the courtyard the whole game and got me 3 times and came out with i think 58 kills to bout 10 deaths and my clan told me each one of them killed him eather 4 times or more ( HOW DOES THOSE FIGURES WORK OUT WHEN I HAD A TEAM OF 6 ???????)


he was either a glitcher or had aimbot or os just a pshycic.


any help or info would be grateful



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    Hello coldstreamer1286,


    If you are seeing anything suspicious like this in-game, please be sure to use the in-game report feature or report them to BanCandy here on the forums.  Our Security and Enforcement Team will be able to review those reports and verify if someone is violating our Online Code of Conduct.  If they are violating our Code of Conduct, then action will be taken against them.

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      my clan and myself have in numerous occasions reported plenty of people since we got together and we have heard nothing of the outcome and yet we still end up in lobbies with them now n again n they are still doing the same thing over and over again.


      I understand u must get alot of the "report players" during games but even if we as a reporter were to recieve some sort of acknowledgement it would be a sign that we are not just wasting our time with reporting people.


      it is a shame that some people deem it necessarry to do this during games as it has put the gae further down the list of most wanted to plaaay games i have all the cod and MW3 games even bk to the ps1 +2 im a dedicated player but loosing faith in the fair gaming system


      thank you for your time


      cobbler25 was coldstreamer1286