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Theater Mode


Alright, so I was playing Headquarters last night with my party, and we joined this lobby. We all had the same clan tag, so one of them said, "Oh look, another clan that'll rage quit in the middle."


We didn't rage quit, but we got owned badly. They were calling in Reapers every few seconds. I believe my final score was 22 & 61. So after the game we played them again. I don't remember the outcome of that match, but I remember afterwards thinking that I should go into theater and look at the match from their point of view. So I go to theater, and try to spectate them, but I'm stuck on third person.


So I don't usually use Theater, so I'm just wondering whether that was normal or not. I know that you could do it on Black Ops, but I'm not sure if they put it in this game.