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Vote To Kick?

So many hackers and all PC gamers know VAC is a load of crap, So why not allow vote to kick? ok so sometimes a really good player might get voted out but 100% all the hackers would.

if you cant give us a good anticheat at least give us the option to remove them ourself, it would pi** the hackers off not being in a game for more then 30 second before getting kicked out and keep the rest of us gamers happy.  Hackers find ways around anticheat programs but im sure there isnt a workaround for not being kicked!!

please give us vote to kick, it was in older cod games so im sure it wouldnt be to hard to add it back in

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    Wanne know why there is not vote ?

    Because the system got abused by players that hate to lose and always vote good players away. I played alot of far cry 2 was the nummer 1 on the tdm and deadliest fighter leaderbord. As soon as i joined a dedicated dm server and was about to win, the 2nd or 3rd guy would vote to kick player and 90% i would get banned from that server, and then the guy that got from 2nd to first plays would also get voted away until this stupid vote **** stopt. If u see a cheater just leaf the match and find a new one

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      So what if players constantly kick everyone who beats them, It's not like you'll be getting permanently banned from anything. You'll just be removed from servers where other players (a few of them "all newbies & all wrong about their decision supposedly" have grouped together to kick you because they claim your a cheat)

      The worst that can happen is maybe by the end of the day you'll only be playing with other skilled players like yourself, because all the newbies have "supposedly" wrongfully kicked you. The fact is they need something, either vote kick, or a refuse to play with this player button.

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        Grumble grumble moan moan. Yes I agree, its difficult not to the way you've put it, but it is effing crappy when you get vote kicked for having a good round. Lastnight I played like crap for a good few rounds and then had a superb game, 30-4 in the end, and of course there was the "bloody hackers" and what not that was being said. If there was a vote kick button I would have been booted at 20-3, lets say?

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        But the problem was there where only 2 dedi's for dm and the rest where hosted by some players and they put met in there pb ban list, and this is the main reason why fc2 died so soon to manny people banning because they had the option to do that. But in cod 4 u had the same option but u never got banned it looks like the gaming community these days are getting worse.

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    That's why they don't want to do this

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      Well I guess Vote to Kick does work huh.. ask Bowling

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      Are you stating this guy is legit and wrongfully accused? If that's the case, I disagree.



      After he makes the 1st kill on the roof i find it strange the way he takes in this area of the map http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh555/rusatisfied/a.png

      He's looking there like he's getting info but there's a roof blocking his view so unless he can see through the building what's he doing? checking to see if someone is going to spawn on the roof?? Then next thing you know, he makes 2 pivots toward his right and there's the next enemy unveiled within his reticles. To me it looks like he gets kicked & banned for the right reason. (cheating)

      I can easily tell this player is using a wallhack.

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    There's a tool you can download that let's you kick/ban hackers if you happen to be the host.  It's called MW3SA: http://www.xifon.eu/mw3sa/

    Installation and usage instructions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpUDG5fXYbM


    Since your computer essentially becomes the server when you host, you can kick/ban locally.

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    if its a clear haxor, even the majority of his team mates would want him kicked, so set kicking to all opponents and majority of team mates, then kick or lobby ban, can be allowed,


    and there should be an easier way for reporting haxors..


    better still... give ranked servers then decent clans with admins can keep trash out and provide a good place for normal gamers

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      I'm not even going to speak to the point of P2P (I think that is a ridiculous system to use on the Internet)


      However voting is a very good way to administer servers (once you have established, as a clan leader, that abuse will not be tolerated)

      Yes people will clown around, and call silly votes just to rouse a friend, or what have you. (but I think you will live)


      and there is more to it then just vote to kick, there should be an option to "vote maps, game types" etc...and an option to only allow clan members to vote ( that can be implemented as easily as registering GIUD's) and those of you who would rather not be bothered with such an easy task; should probably go to using consoles (that is what they're counting on anyway)


      This way your members would have more control over the servers that they PAY for; and you would not need to be on call 24/7 to administer the server for them. (especially since there is no way to implement a third party RCON tool)


      But this conversation is mute anyway.


      Because if they don't roll out RANKED dedicated server (and make them easily accessible) next time, there will be no PC COD community.

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    I agree with his article.  Unfortunately i am one of the few who will probably get kicked out for being good.




    None the less i still agree wholeheartedly.



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