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PS3 3'volution clan [3'vo] 18+

3'volution clan is currently recruiting.  We have recently opened the clan up to all adults aged 18+ regardless of location.


Are you bored with strict trials and k/d ratios?

Are you too old to be saying "recruit one checking in?" or having a chain of command where you have to ask to speak?

Do you want to play when you want to and not have to report an absence for missing a practice session?

Do you want to have a laugh and join a community of relaxed gamers?

Do you play Hardcore and struggle to find like minded players?


We only have a few rules in joining up.


> Speak English

> Be over 18

> Sign up and use Teamspeak to communicate (it's easy and avoids the kids)

> Have Fun


come to www.3volutionclan.co.uk sign up, download Teamspeak and join the fun.  We have members all over Europe and the US so we'll see you soon regardless of ability.