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Death Streaks

Are a bad thing. You should not reward people for doing bad. Instead of giving people handouts for doing bad they should be given motivation.When you go on a 3 death streak a rolling banner should go acrooss your screen saying something like "cmon noob get a kill" and get progressively worse until it maxes out at 10 and says "you are a failure, do your team a favor and go hang yourself" At which point instead of your name over your head it will say "useless noob" If nothing else would make for great lulz.

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    I'm all against deathstreaks but, what the hell man?

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      Trust me I would get my fair share of beratement from this system too. I just think it's motivation to get better ntm imagine if you ever got the "useless noob" sign over your head what your friends would say? Would be epic if I ever seen one of my friends with it lol

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    Annoying as they can be when you're doing good and the ruin your spree, I see no problem in helping someone out.


    The first false impression is that it is a "reward ... for doing bad"


    It's a slight help for people that once in a while can be the victim of some extreme imbalance of circumstance.  There are multiple reasons that a person could die several times in a row.

    Seriously, lets think about this for a few moments.  I'll make a list.



    Spawn trap.  Even lessen that a bit to "map control".  A team of dedicated campers can hold almost an entire map, killing anything that pokes it's head out.  A team of runners is no better, in effect they're simply camping in rotation, taking turns as it were.  Sure, there are gaps in security this way, but response time is cut way down, as the people are already in motion.


    Assist machine.(I've had games where I get 10 plus assists, some from randoms purposefully getting all up in my junk... and then from behind an enemy comes and gets a double from the way the retarded teamate was just looking).


    That brings up team play.  Matchmaking, it's almost totally random, there's no "skill" measured in any signifigant way in this game.  Even with 12 randoms, you sometimes see the teams fall into all the high prestige's on one team, and all the level 13 noobs on the other.


    Any, and all, of us have stumbled into one scenerio or another, I like that there's a mechanism in place, that if used correctly, can break a chain of bad luck.


    I've seen a guy die a few times, use a deathstreak, and end up greatly positive, by simple virtue of breaking a cheap trick, as it were.  That's what it's there for, and why imo, it has no great impact other than being a chance at a quick re-set.


    One of the things that a lot of people trick themselves into believeing is that their developed pattern of play, though it works a lot of the time, is the "right way".   Sure, it works, but stop crying when it doesn't and in the end is proven a low skill pattern, something you memorized without putting any real thought into being adaptive.  Same goes for people complaining about assassin, campers, runners, or users of weapon X. 


    Want to not get blown up by C4?  Don't fight in close quarters.

    Want to not get pwned by final stand? Take your adderall for your ADD and finish your kill before moving on.


    The deathstreaks are not a challenge to good players, period.  It's not a reward, it's not even a guaranteed kill.  It's merely a chance to break the cycle, which even a low skilled team can establish quite easily. 

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    There is very little wrong with death streaks. They're designed to allow players to come back from an unfortunate chain of bad luck and they serve that purpose well.


    I haven't really experienced situations where I feel like players are benefiting heavily from death streaks or that they are allowing the player to compensate for skill in a gamebreaking way.


    Even if you assume some terribad player out there is only getting a kill by using death streaks that means he is going what? 1:3 each game? Seems like a pretty negligible issue to me. Especially since none of the death streaks are really anything that can't be factored against by a good player. I suppose one could argue that Hollow Points is a bit on the line since it's a direct buff but this game's bullet damage is so high that unless you're in a spray and pray situation it shouldn't matter.

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      All the complaints you see constantly about death streaks and there's so little discussion in this thread.  I'm perplexed...

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        LOL deathstreaks don't allow someone to come back from anything. They don't help players get better. Juiced and Revenge maybe but Final stand and Dead man's Nuke shouldn't be there.

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          T-dubbyf4i wrote:


          LOL deathstreaks don't allow someone to come back from anything. They don't help players get better. Juiced and Revenge maybe but Final stand and Dead man's Nuke shouldn't be there.

          If they don't allow a come back, or help players get better, why remove them.


          For the record, I didn't say either, at least not in absolutes like you seem to imply.


          I was saying something more along the lines of:

          They are a chance to break a bad cycle that any player can find themselves in through no fault of their own.


          The crappy player will still do really crappy, the really good player will still do really good.  They are no great game changer, so why shouldn't they be there?

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            Why should they be there? My point exactly...I wasn't replying to you directly in my previous post....Someone dying and blowing me up from an astronomical distance doesn't help them get back in the game.. It's basically rewarding crappy players.. I have bad times too especially with the amount of 1sec delay lag in this game. Do I use any of those streaks?? I use Juiced.. that's it. All those do is add more frustration for A LOT of the players ontop of the already huge amount of frustration this game brings.

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              So, to dig an answer to my question out of your repitition..


              Principle is what makes you think people shouldn't be given a second chance, a chance to break the cycle.


              BTW, I already got into it about how it's not a reward.  If you don't want to wrap your head around the actual mechanics, that's fine.  You'll look better though if you at least cease to contradict yourself.  You call it a reward, right after saying that it doesn't help.(again, as an absolute). 

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              in that same thought you can say "why reward someone that's already kicking ass, lets take out killstreaks."  not that i think they should take them out, but i think death streaks are fine.

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                soukdeth wrote:


                in that same thought you can say "why reward someone that's already kicking ***, lets take out killstreaks."  not that i think they should take them out, but i think death streaks are fine.

                Because they Believe in free kills for them, but not a fighting chance fo the guy getting shot at by multiple things.


                I believe the term is "sadist".

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    I was the final kill in a game on Bakaara...I died from...Dead Man's Hand...and you know what?  I didn't nerd rage like 90% of you on these forums, I laughed my butt off and realized, I was in the wrong place at the right time.  I moved on and kept playing.  Why is it that everyone is so quick to punish unskilled players?  Aren't they punished enough for not being able to do well all the time?  But, you 1337pr0zSc0p3z wouldn't understand...you were perfect the first time you picked up the controller.


    Like minnesotaburns says, "First place in Call of Duty, last place in life".

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      I think their error in thinking is that once they begin to do good, they feel they "should" dominate the whole match, no, they deserve to.  Think that long enough and they develop a god complex about how every round has to go that way.


      I would wager a guess, that 90 % of rage quitters suffer from that same complex.  For some reason, they feel that the first 30 seconds determines the entire game. (Which could be indicative of a background in Halo as a learning FPS, where map control, professional as it sounds, is really just a race for the good weapons, and then slaughter till their ammo runs out).  Strategy in that game, was comprised of studying an "unbreakable" tactic.


      What this game has, is balance, and requires smart game play, but also allows players to do what they want and still have a shot at winning.  Halo tactics rely on doing exactly what you have to do, because the imbalance won't let you compete in any other way.  A lot of Halo refugee type players have an issue with thinking on their feet and adapting, and are simply unhappy with a game that asks more of them.


      Each successive game with more options, you hear more complaints about things like camping.  Which, really  is just a juvenile argument "OMG he likes something that I dislike. BURN HIM ALIVE!!"  Trying to force their opinions and principles on everyone else, via public shaming.


      Part of the problem is being raised by the xbox, and thinking that trash talk is more serious in nature.  I call someone a camper during a game, and it's to get under their skin.  These children don't quite get that and develop actual opinions that camping is not "legit".


      Following that fault in reasoning, they develop irrational hatred of playstyle X, or game mechanic Y, and start to issue playground rules of "If you use that you're not cool and I won't be your friend"  which is a very simple evolution of "If you don't let me win, I won't be your friend".

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        If your all for death streaks you obviosly haven't been killed by dead man's nuke when close to a moab. Death streaks don't help bad players they hurt good players.

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          I agree 100% with what sambo says. You seem to be under the impression that you know how players think. Maybe you never do good enough to actually care about dying. But i don't think that i should have my streak ended because somebody dies 5 times in a row. And yes, I DESERVE to not die to a deathstreak when i'm on a big killstreak. If i am going to have my killstreak ended then it is going to be a legitimate way and not by some bogus bullshit that happens.

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      You're kidding right? I'm faaaaar from mr 1337 at this game trust me with my paltry 1.15 k/d. I don't think deathstreaks are good for this game. I would rather the motivation than the hand out. You (aeon) can throw as many big words as you want explaining why it's not a reward for doing bad but your arguments fail the eye test. You die so many times and you get something. Am I missing something? No didn't think so. I think my idea for verbal abuse motivation would be perfect. It's just the kick in the arse these kids need.

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    I think a fair compromise is death perks. The bad players need to pay there dues like we did, and just put in the time to get better. I have an idea for death streaks instead of any lethal death streaks I propose death perks. Using existing perks in the game. For example say a player chooses his death perk to be slieght of hand. After he dies 4 or so times in a row he will get sleight of hand until he gets a kill. This won't hurt the top players during the game on big streaks, and it will help bad players get better. A kind of crutch to teach them, but not anything to give them a pitty kill.

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      There should be a MOAB deathstreak where you die 25 times in a row you get a MOAB, certainly happens enough in this game. So many bad players out there, but I love it when I see split screeners , most of the time they are both bad.

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    I aplaud your idea TC

    Deathsteaks are a flawed concept in general. Possibly the dumbest thing that has ever been implemented in a CoD game. I play objective games and lose because the enemy team is given an advantage because they are doing 'badly'

    But they aren't. In demolition or dom, you can win the game without getting kills. To give someone an unfair advantage, and that's exactly what they are, perks designed to be massively overpowered, for no reason is a joke.

    Then, the fact that I myself get put on a deathstreak, because of someone elses deathstreak.....it's just a vicious circle, and the whole thing cancels out.


    There really isn't any place for deathstreaks in this game. They are stupid. And not only are they horrible for good players, but they are a crutch that can restrict bad players from learning from their mistakes and instead just throwing themselves at the problem until it solves itself.

    If you give noobs assists then they wont get better. That's the way video games work. You have to have a challenge and overcome it by yourself to improve.