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Soldiers Get Dehydrated

So here is my idea to add a little more realism to the game. So i was playing the game and I thought how do you run around in this hot weather with all this gear on and not get thirsty. So I thought what if you had to drink water so you dont get dehydrated and pass out. You can carry around a canteen and the higher level you are the bigger canteen you can carry and the better water you can fill it with. Like level 1 you fill it with tap water but at level 50 you can fill it with Crystal Geyser. If you dont drink water the screen will begin to get blurry so you cant see and eventually you will pass out. In which the screen will be black and you cant move till someone comes up and kills you then you can respawn agian. The more sprinting and running you do the more water you have to drink you can also get water from other peoples canteens when they die. So if you run out you are not screwed.


So what do you think?