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what on earth has happened

i cant access the leaderboards for domingation, last night i was somewhere either in or around the top million, now i'm supposedly ranked 565746681 in the world, i didnt know 500million people played on ps3.... any info on this would help

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    All the telemarketers in India got a PS3 and a copy of MW3 as a bonus.  Now we all suck on the leaderboards.

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    I've seen this happen once before.  I was in the middle of playing a match.  The match ended and I went back to the barracks to mess around.  I looked at the leaderboard and it was jacked!  Not just my rank but everyone, I went from score rank of under 500k to something in the billions, yes BILLIONS. 


    It was weird and at first I thought I got hacked but once I started looking around nothing else had changed, still same prestige and what not.  So I ignored it, played another game, when that game ended I checked again and the problem had corrected itself.  It was very weird and frightening at first, I was like all my f'in hard work down the mother f'in drain!!

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    I thought Bowling opened a multitude of PS3 accounts now that he has more time on his hands. This combined with the telemarketers out of New Delhi had a big effect on the Leaderboards...

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    Happens to me on PS3 maybe 2-4 times so far, it just goes away within that day. Still don't know why, considering that our leaderboards are jacked the way they sit now, who knows if its an actually problem or someone messing around?