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recruiting level 7 xbox 360 clan + Giveaway

I am recruiting for my call of duty elite clan we are level 7 our clan name is Argon we have 13 active members and enlist in all clan operations we are currently enlisted for co-op warriors for March 30 2012 all our members are very good at the game i my self am a founder and a 15th prestige 80 all are welcome tho good or bad even tho i am currently at the max level i am doing this to help those who are not maxed and get them that extra double exp and more people to connect and play with i also do giveaways ever weekend to my clan members.  this weekend giveaway is:

1. $10 iTunes card

2. FOUNDER STATUS CODE! (unused from hardend edition only good for premium members)

I will randomly select 2 members from the clan and reward them with 1 of 2 rewards.


If interested in joining Argon please leave your gamertag below or message my gamertag:


GT: griff 321


Note: I will NEVER ask you to change your gamertag or anything on your account it is elite only thank you for taking time to read this an have a nice day