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What Should Be Expected This Weekend?


Hardly doubt I am alone when saying that the weekend evenings represent my main allotment of playing time for the week. Needless to say, I very much look forward to Friday/Saturday nights where I either play with my clan or my brother via long-distance. These are the two nights of the week I can play pretty much uninterrupted and semi stress-free. It's fun, enjoying a beverage, unwinding, firing up the console...


But with all the most-recent issues, such as lag-OVER-compensation degrading further and the new rash of hackers/glitchers, I am left wondering if the weekend is going to actually be worse than normal. I really hope it's not. Those of us who play this game don't seem to ask for a lot. Just a game that plays halfway smoothly and not crammed with cheats. Here's hoping for a weekend for all of us where playing this game doesn't make us want to ram our heads trough a wall.