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So, i have used every gun in the game, besides the type95 because im boycotting it, and i find that the gun i have the most skill with is the mk46. the reason i never used it before was because before the patch, the mk46 sucked at medium to long range, and an lmg that sucks at that range should not exist, but now since it kills with 3 bullets(max) at any range, it has become my favorite/best weapon. an lmg is soppose to be a medium to long range gun anyway, now you might be thinking why i dont love the other lmg's, and here is why, the m60 is strong but too slow, i could put rapid fire on it, but the iron sight isnt good, i could put attachments on it, but it needs kick, i dont like the pkp much because its slow and has like no range, i dont like the L86 because it has strange recoil, and the mg36 isnt bad, but it doesnt have the same feel as the mk46. I love the mk46 mostly because its the fastest lmg, you can ads pretty quickly, and its very good for long sight lines. i just put on marksman, and it feels like an auto sniper, and like all lmgs, if you go to prone there is no recoil at all, well thats my two cents, what do you guys think?