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  • 40. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    Some good replies there folks, especially the C4 one. I died with my own C4 in village in Domination, we had B on the bridge and the enemy were capping it and i was under the bridge and thought i could lob the C4 pack up over the bridge. But i lobbed in in the air and as it fell back towards me , i detonated it like a Noob.

  • 41. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    I can't tell you how many times I've spawned right around the corner for a Claymore, Bouncing Betty, or IMS. It's not even right, just a sick joke

  • 42. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    Killed by:




         Spammed by Semi-Auto Snipers

         Spammed by Striker

         Naked AA-12

         Naked KSG-12

         Any Longshot Shotgun Kill

         Akimbo Machine Pistols

         Spawn Trapped

         Enemy MOAB (After Spawn Trapping)

         Deadmans Hand

         Final Stand

         Respawning On Bouncing Betty

         Respawning Next to Claymore

         Respawning Next to Enemy

         Enemy Respawning Next to Me

         No One Destroying Air Support

         Lag compensation

         Accidental Preadator Rocket Meant for another Man


         Host Migrate when looking at Enemy

         Still Recovering from Equpitment use

         During Unnecessary Reloading

         Heartbeat Sensor

         Beaten in Sniper Duel


         Random Throwing Knife


         Pummeled by Riot Shield

         Trolled by Riot Shield then Throwing Knifed

         Split Screeners Warning each other of Danger

         Stinger Returns to me after Pavelow Drops flares

         Stinger Clips Building

         Getting Shot when im *this* close to getting lock on Pavelow

         Ye Old Proficiency Glitch

         The first kill for a Level 1


         Throwing Back Grenade

         Learning from Previous Mistake and Running from Grenade

         Into Another Grenade

         Being killed by the Throwing Knife the Enemy used to Silent Shot


         Shot as soon as you get the Specialist Bonus

         When Knifing an Enemy and you Lunge but dont Connect

         Suicide by Burning Barrel

         Suicide by Burning Car

         Suicide by own grenade

         Suicide by predicting own respawn with javalin

         Suicide by under-estimating height


         Being part of Multi-Kill

         Killed by Someones M302 which was Shot Vertically

         Direct Impact by Launcher

         Direct Impact by Grenade

         Direct Impact by Flash/Stun

         Direct Impact by Motion Sensor

         Killed by Unguided Missile launched just before I Destroyed the Reaper



    Big List.

    Then why do I love this game so much?

  • 43. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    #1 Something I did

    #2 Lag compensated kills around corners or where player is invisible

    #3 Hacker kill or Booster guard kill.

    #4 Quickscoped or close range sniper kill while I'm spitting hot SMJ's

    #5 FINAL STAND. How many times have I pushed 6 rounds into somebody with no retaliation only to see them lie on their back and casually shoot me dead.

    #6 Any kill that I regard as being unrealistic

  • 44. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    I think the ways i get killed that piss me off are final stand, quick scopers hiding in a corner, quick scopers running around like the sniper rifle is an assault rifle, random grenades from across the map, shotguns with range on it that kill you from a distance shotguns shouldn't kill you. akimbos, and just campers in general. I paid alot of money to play this game and these idiots just suck the fun outta it. RUN & GUN DAMMIT!!!!! Oh yeah....getting spawned infront of a camping enemy.....grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • 45. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    Definitely Dead Man's Hand on a good streak.

  • 46. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    Definitely Dead Man's Nuke and Sissy Stance, also the "pump a crap load of bullets in someone and not kill them" ARRRRGHHGHH

  • 47. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    Explosive and Heartbeat sensor

  • 49. Re: What's your least favourite way of dying?

    1. Final stand

    2. Mounted grenade launcher

    3. Dead man's hand

    4. Rocket launcher

    5. Lag

    6. Throwing knife


    Could go on, but figured I'd stop :)

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