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Screwing PS3 users


you really stole PS3 users the elite membership money, giving so late the DLC. So thank you for been a bunch of pricks

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    I don't feel screwed

    I was well aware this was happening because of the deal that ran from mw2 up until this year

    If you feel screwed then sell your ps3 and get an Xbox

    I'm sick of people moaning their ass of over this

    The exclusivity deal wasnt a secret

    I couldn't care less if someone who has a console I don't own gets something

    In fact I prefer it because then by the time it reaches me all the glitch spots are patched

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    tbh we was all aware of the deal that was in place with microsoft we witnessed it with blackops... besides come april 12th we will all be upto date with what xbox have then later in april they will only be 1 map infront of ps3 again... i mean its not as if sony dont have thier own certain game titles that they DO pay for exclusive content i mean look at BF3 it just they didnt want to take up the option on MW3 its not activision or IW we should be moaning to about when we get DLC. beside @least we still get content every month at a steady flow and before non premium members get content on ps3 so over all i dont see why people are moaning for besides we even save a few $$$ when most of us would of purchased all the DLC anyway

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    i wouldn't worry about it. getting the maps early is kind of a joke. i'm basically just downloading them, playing a game or two on them... then i'll just forget about them until non premium gets them. the only benefit is i won't have to have a large download when the full collection comes out.

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    ^ Pretty much, unless your on a clan with elite members... I play maybe 5 matches of dlc a week if that. It was a "bummer" when I found out Xbox got it before us, but I mean this isn't a bad thing. The world isn't ending. If MW3 worded it as " You're saving money and getting all the dlc." People would of still bought it, just from the savings standpoint. Please don't make it seem like men get their period and start to ***** about the little things in life.