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    i was in a game of cotd and its like the last one in a way, but all i remember is the noob

    roound 1 me with with my mic was talking random ****,

    round 2 opened the boat

    round 5 power on

    round 6 noob whines

    round 7 noob whines cuz he is down

    round 8 noob is useless everone but me is down

    ''revive me noob''

    i surivive trying to revive then i die after the game

    i got a message ''you are poop''

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    creaper21 wrote:


    I was searching for games for a while trying to find people who wanted to get the COOP easter egg achievement with me. I finally found a game and we got to the last step where we put the golden rod in. I didn't care what level I was going to get to so I ended up putting the golden rod in and waiting to knife the fuse while I was in the middle of the level. I thought I was safe. I put it in and my teammate shoots George and runs torward me and leaves the zombies and George attacking me. I get pinned against the wall and we all ended up dying one by one. It would not let me knife the fuse while downed. We lost the game 1 small step before we finished the easter egg. All because my teammate led all the zombies to me after shooting George.
       Took us forever to get the VR-11 too...

    if you want to get the acheivement you ask people on the forum thats how i got it

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    more like moral of the story, parents should grow up a little and not let there 'babies' play games with people that are suppoes to be 18+ since it's technically illegal for anyone under that age to be playing this game

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    dont play with randoms lol if anyone preferably from the uk due to connection issues and is over the age of 12 or 18 plus wants a decent game of zombies reply here with your psns if any of you own ps3s? and aint a point whore or kill stealer well from all your problems im sure you get the idea and oh i have a mic also plus im 25 and i open doors fairly etc etc and i dont **** the box so no one else can have a hit lol i tend to use wall weapons depending on the strategy and buy the bowie knife say on moon

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    Shi No, only been to like round 18 on, my second lowest map by far besides Call of the Dead. Can never find good teammates to play with or even learn from. Go into a gmae with 2 other people who been int othe 40's im like hell yeah. Round 1-20 no problems what so ever. I went down on the second round of dogs because I made a stupid mistake of trying to run through deep water with like 4 dogs behind me. Other teammate went down a few times and the other 0 downs. I have to mic but here them talking about something, i thought they were talking about an easter egg or somethin. I notice I cant find them anywhere. So I go back to the Comm Area (I think lol) because thats where we all were doin things. When I go back in there the last runner we had comes running from me outt no where an dim like wtf.So I kinda loop around and when I get back to where I can leave that little area I look over and see my teamate..... outside the map. Im like wtf. So the Zombis catches me and I just stand there and try stab it to death. Didnt work and I about went down. So I kill the zombie and see my other teamate walk rigth over tho the other one lol. So as the round starts I stand there right by the rail thing and throw all my nads and shoot most my bullets. These dudes were like dude wtf lmao. So as I keep shooting at them I about go down a few times but one saves me with the waffe. It was hilarious cause these dudes were like hey dude behind you man, watch out watch out and all that like I didnt know what was going on. All this time im stil lshooting and about out of my RPK and I watch as both of them give up and watch me go down. Then I quit lol.

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    RULE #1 Watch Yo' Back

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    it's not illegal to play games that are rated for higher ages. the rating is a suggestion to parents.

    my moment is when me and a friend are playing moon with these 2 guys that are same person you know like when they are using the same system. one idiot wont put on his helmet and gets downed every single round. we revived him but he never put on his helmet. we stopped reviving him cause he had no points so we would gain nothing. turns out he's host and yells Holy Shi* My anus just popped out and quits. me and my friend were sitting there for about 5 minutes thinking WTF!

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    my hate story on f*ckin ascension! round 20 something 1 guy with mic 2 others without plus not to mention dont think they understood a word of english they all have rayguns dont bother buying jug do they?! me has jug phd mulekick i tell the other guy with the mic protect phd il protect mulekick they "ALL!" go on jug wtf sick to death of randoms f*cking utter retards! we lose phd so im host i end it there and then!

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    on ascension:
    i go to window under the stairs shoot off some zombie heads

    everythings all good untill i open the first door at the end of round 4.
    i go get the gun next to the first gate on the way to box. then this guy just starts taunting me "come on big man, show us what you got." i do use the mic kuz if i did who knows what i wouldve said back.


    its round ten: he tells me "you suck you f***ing noob" even though i had 8 times as many kills and headshots as him.
    i had the RPK and THUNDERGUN (of course the thundergun was pack-a-punched). i had abracadavre playing due to the three teddy bears. the gerch device and the phd flopper perk. i was pretty bad a**.


    round 20: me and this random guy fighting back to back against hordes of zombies in the area near the pack-a-punch, the other dude that was trolling earlier comes in with a freaking akimbo pistol and dragonov. says "you still f***ing suck you f***ing noob, get a life you f***ing b****" he quits, me and the other dude just keep on slautering, end of story......