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MW3 Multiplayer Re-Balancing Suggestions

1. Switch the recoil pattern of the Type-95 with the M16A4, this will make both weapons usable rather than one being over powered and the other being nearly useless.


2. Reduce the damage per pellet on the Striker from 25-15 to 20-5, this will make it more ballanced with the other shotguns in the game.


3. Augment the damage and blast radius of Dead Mans Hand to be identicle to that of C4, like how Martyrdom drops a grenade that is identicle to a regular frag grenade.


4. Change the Stealth Bomber pointstreak to a 18 point support streak. A streak like this that has multikill potential should take a little bit more effort to achieve.


5. Change the assault pointstreak UAV to a 5 pointstreak. This will lessen the spam of it during games and could possibly give players an incentive to run perks other than Assassin adding variety to the game.


These suggestions are in favor of no particular play style or player skill level, these are made in favor of only making the game fun and fair for everyone.

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    1. switching the recoil most ppl will still use the type95


    2.i do nt agree , lets have atleast one good shotgun


    3.i agree deadmans hand is a mini nuke


    4.even though i hate bad players wen thjey kill me wiv this , 18 points is too much


    5.then no one would use uav , everyone would just use predator

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      Dead mans hand is just plain stupid, its basically a guaranteed kill. As for the stealth bomber, what other good streak do you get before you hit the stealth bomber, the recon drone and thats it. As for the uav thing either set up a class to shoot it down or use assassin.


      I just wish they would fix the darn lag before fixing anything else. Once that is fixed fix elite.

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    1. Switching recoil wont do a thing. They need to lower the damage/bullet and the RoF more than anything. When an assault rifle kills faster then the akimbo FMG's you know somethings wrong.


    2. The shotguns are fine as is. Striker is actually weaker than the USAS and the KSG.


    3. Agree'd. Deadmans Hand is more like a pred missile atm and its just stupid.


    4. This doesnt need to be changed. Ive lived and ive seen people live through having a Stealthbomber pass right next to them. They AoE was mega nerf'd compared to MW2.


    5. I dont think the assault UAV needs to be nerfed since you lose your streak if you die before you get it. Now the Support UAV pointstreak being raised i can understand since you can run nothing but low killstreaks and spam it along with counter UAV 7+ times in a single game


    Not bad suggestions overall but if anything they need to focus on fixing the lag compensation and actually focus on fixing the mass PC issues.

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    There is a mistake in your list.


    3. DMH is not one c4 it is two c4 so should be larger than a single c4 blast not the same size.