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Black Ops 2 NEEDS a BETA!


Activision and Treyarch, listen up.


The Call of Duty series is the most selling entertainment release of all time, but how long will you actually hold that title? Call of Duty each year gets more popular and popular, but to the fans from the start of this series it has gotten worse. I say, ever since MW2, the series has become very lackluser. Black Ops came close, but it still didn't fix the problems that was present (Second Chance Invincibility, FAMAS placebo patch, and Ghost being the best and dominant first tier perk).


MW3 is a MW2 in my opinion. Not a sense like same guns, engine, etc. I'm saying the process that they chose with the game. While they added more features, they failed to fix MW2's core problems (Deathstreaks, Killstreaks dominating the game, and Snipers being too powerful at close range).


The solution to Call Of Duty's problem is to have a BETA release. Activison has said many times they can't afford a BETA, but Call of Duty is a 4.7 billion dollar franchise. You should be able to afford a BETA at this point, no more lies. I know Treyarch are willing to do anything for the fans. I think the fans want a BETA for the game. Patches aren't gonna help a Call of Duty game get better. By the time a patch comes out, people have already quit your game.


WE are the ones who made you a Juggernaut company.

WE made you a Juggernaut company.

Only YOU can decide what's best, which should be this right here.

Think about what is important.