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    He's trying to convince me hes in his thirties, but by the way hes acting, is that even possible? i mean look at his first reply up top?

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    Qucikscoping itself is not lucky,


    yeah your right, its just exploiting the games lock on system.

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    in black ops it took a little more skill...in mw3 its just the aim assit , not saying it don't take skill, just saying the game goes a lot of it for you..

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    I don't think QSing has ruined C.O.D in my opinion it's just another way to use a video game sniper rifle I like to hardscope but also enjoy noscoping and hardscoping on the move.

    If you're setting up good sniper nests the QSers shouldn't really be a problem for yourself.

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    bubbacake wrote:



    Wait, I get it.. you're one of those who HAS to lay prone, hold your breath, and be hidden to kill with a sniper rifle. Well keep practicing and you'll be able to come out from the shrubs.

    You have a problem against someone who actually tries to be a "sniper"?

    Actually no, I don't have a problem with it.. I don't care about it at all really.

    What I do have a problem with is hypocrisy.. The OP started another thread about sniping wherein he decides to tell people how to snipe "the right way" much like in THIS thread. Then in the very same thread says, "

    Exactly, I bought the game, I can play it my way right?




    Why should I play exactly like everyone else?


    Its not cheating, and its how its supposed to be. people need to grow up and stop being such a *******"


    So there you have it..

    I also bought my game, I will play it my way.

    Why should I play like everyone else?


    For the record, I'm not a S&D trickshooter person..

    I play mainly DOM, use a sniper while rushing/capping/defending. If there's opportunity for a "hardscope", I'll take it. If there's opportunity for a "quickscope", I'll take it. If there's opportunity for a "no scope", guess what? I'll take it!


    Stay in your own little limited world, and keep thinking your way is the "right" way. It's more fun for people like me that way.


    Thank you, I wish you and the OP the best in life.

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    Quick scoping by no means ruined the game. I think you may be getting trickshotters and quick scopers mixed up. Quick scoping takes accuracy and you have to play smart. You have to control your engagements, because you will get beat if you turn a corner right into a guy using a shotgun, or someone head glitching with a Type 95. But yeah, trick shotters can get annoying when they're going for suicide shots and make you loose the game.

  • 16. Re: Why Quickscoping ruined call of duty

    QS take no skills or accuracy it all luck. If you dont  remember they made it harder on blops to do. The kids cryed about so they gave it back. The good thing about a QS is it a easy kill.

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    Lots of "experts" on how the game works and should be played this morning...


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    quickscopeing is fine and if you actually try to do it for 5 games you wold realize it takes some skill. now laying prone with a silenced sniper wearing blindeye assasin thats just stupid and those kids should jump off a building.

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    I also find quickscoping with the sniper rifle to be extremely annoying, but I'm not really affected by it since I am usually sniping. Which means I am hidden, undetected, and out-of-sight. I am almost always in prone, always have a trophy system up, and a claymore nearby, and I will stare down those crosshairs for as long as I have to. And that's just how I play; don't like it, then quit. But I do disagree that it doesn't take skill. While luck is a factor when it comes to quickscoping, it does take some trial and error and practice to actually get it right. I have been playing MW3 almost religiously since it was released, and I JUST recently got the hang of being able to walk and shoot (meaning able to look down the sight and shoot, while standing and walking/running) with the MSR at the same time (and I'm glad I did, because my KD went up). But I will always be a hardscoper, because that's what you're supposed to do with a sniper rifle. Not to mention that I get many kills with this method. So I'm not going to try quickscoping any time soon, since I know for a fact that a majority of them die more times than they kill.

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