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FMG9s, Krypts, and KFC! Community Commentary#1 is up! =)




Commentary #1 (4/6/12): FMGs, Krypts, and KFC!

Game: Modern Warfare 3



1. Nintendon't

2. Semperfi550

3. Vampwolfy

4. Tino

5. Grombloodboy





So recently I obtained a HDPVR and figured I should try something different. We are starting a new series of live commentaries in which we involve the community.


We're trying to do something different from the usual DLC/ begging for patch threads that get posted on here. These commentaries can give members of the forums a chance to interact as well as prove if they really are 1337 MLG legit as they claim they are on the forums.


We will be playing and doing doing a live group commentary during the game. Basically we talk as we play. If you are interested in doing one of these commentaries, feel free to drop a post in our thread!



TL:DR for idiots: We talk over skype as we play and upload.


How to be on

1. Drop your ally code in the thread

2. Add semperfi550 on skype, he'll run you through the paces.



1. You need a Skype account and a mic. If you don't have a mic, the Wii PDP headset works nicely with Skype. It's plug in and play.

2. You need to be able to play the game and talk on Skype at the same time. This is a MUST.



1. No Rasict or Sexist remarks of any kind.

2. No sexual innuendos of any kind

3. All Participants must be age 17 and above starting with Comm #2

4. No other hate speech of anykind, gotta keep it clean since we all know this forum is filled with squeakers.


Commentary #2 (4/13/12)....Friday the 13th lol

Game: Black Ops

Time: TBD, Depends on whats good for everyone else.


1. Nintendon't

2. Semperfi550

3. Padiego

4. Nive

5. (Empty)



6. (Empty)

7. (Empty)


Community Commentary Staff

Nintendon't: Gameplay Capture



Semperfi550: Guest Handler/Youtube Manager



Grombloodboy: Toilet Scrubber



Informational Text: This is not an advertisement. We intend to use this thread as a way to communicate with the community on what they want to hear next, what they think of what we said, if they want to sign up and be guests. This is a discussion thread that will be updated with new commentaries when they are aired. I want to make this extremely clear, we are not trying to advertise here. This was created fully with intention of sponsoring discussion among members of the community on various topics in the game. Moderators, if you think this is advertising, and wish to lock/delete it, please, can you first contact me or Grombloodboy in this thread so we can discuss how we can still use this forum as a place to discuss the podcast. We would hate to see this thing taken away from the community.

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