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  • 50. Re: Why Quickscoping ruined call of duty

    I agree with the poster, quickscoping is stupid, it's not real, not tactical and takes away from the realizm of the game. If you ever shot a real firearm and I have as a civilian and military you wouldn't be caught doing this useless tactic or running around for that matter.

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    In all honesty it is easy, BUT then again ive been doing it for about 10 months. At first i struggled with it, but i eventually got the hang of it and got consisten with it. Now i only QS if i have to. My accuracy with most of the OHK snipers is 50%+ my best being the msr with 55%, is it the best no. Obviously there is probably people with way better accuracy. My K/D with the msr is 1.68 and i have 3.9k kills with it, the most with any gun i have. I do WAY better with regular guns, why? Because it is so much more difficult to do well with a sniper and do it consistently. Im probably someone who you would want on your team, but then again you probably wont since i would quickscope a few people.


    P.S if you want to check my stats i play on xbox and my GT is Dope Sketch


    Oh and dont judge me by my forum name, im pretty sure most QSers go through that phase of having those kinds of names.

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    7-10 isnt good. Point in case. Sure hitting a qs isnt hard but staying competitive and be a force isnt easy. Also I hope they go back to blackops style. Its much more rewarding to do good. Plus ive come accustomed to mopre of a drag style play

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    ThirtyFourDead wrote:


    Good news for snipers (like me)


    I just played overwatch, and it is great for sniping! (properly)



    That's old news..

    We all know they're camper friendly. Enjoy holing up in your really big corner and waiting for people to come into view. Really though.. it's not camping.

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    Agree with OP to an extent. Qs just doesn't bother me as much as you. Imo it's worse to be killed from 100 feet away by a striker despite me putting 3 or 4 ACR bullets into you.

    I do hate the use of the word "hardscoper" There is no such thing, a sniper is used by aiming down your scoped sight trying to aquire a target.

    As other posters have said, it is very rare to see a quickscoper even going positive KDr in a match.

    What was wrong with the way sniper rifles where in Black ops?

    A true test for a quickscoper is to play Hardcore.

    Try it and see if you can do it.

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    The good ones do play Hardcore to get montage feeds with the crap sniper rifles (aka the dragonov).

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    Quickscopers are easy kills .. Sure they usually get me the first time, but I get them the next 10 times .. Don't see as many quickscopers these days, guess that's the only way they know how to play the game .. I'm missing all those easy kills ..

  • 57. Re: Why Quickscoping ruined call of duty

    woodystylez wrote:


    "Quickscoping" is typically aimbotters. Most aimbotters try to cover it up by saying its "trickshotting". I've been a pro gamer for a long time. The spinny spinny perfect shot is basic aimbot, even the lowest end one I've ever seen.

    As a pro gamer Woody, you would know there is no Aimbots on MW3 or PS3. There has been absolutely no proof of it. If you are referring to Aim Assist, then say Aim Assist. Aim Bots and Aim Assist are two different things and until I see proof, there are no Aim Bots on PS3's MW3.

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    ahuh .. Sure ...

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    There isnt. They havent hacked it yet. Ive seen tons of PC aimbotters though

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