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I wish I had a job

Just curious, what are some of you guys different professions? How spread out is the community?

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    Art Director for publishing.  Learning 3D though to get into gaming.  It's a steep learning curve though.  What are you looking for?

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    Nothing really, I really was just wondering if there others besides teens and kids that played this game.

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    CNC Machine operator. We make airplane engine parts.

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    I think you will find that a large majority of the people on the forums are parents. Average age being 30 or so. There are even a few that are in their 40's and 50's that play. I only know this because there was a thread once that asked everyones ages and stuff.

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    Very nice lol. I work for delta (not as anything special) but maybe you've mad some parts on some planes for us.

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    Cool dude, I had an opportunity to learn how to run one of them. I never really got into it though, sometimes I wish I did.


    I was an Electricians aprentise  for about 8 months. Most of the stuff was low voltage Cat-6 or Fiber Optics though. I am now aprentising for a commercial plumber. I like it a lot actually. Making decent money and love working out in the field, construction sites, and things like that.

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    There are alot of older players.There are a few clans of houndreds out there like over 30 , over 40..I have 40 , 30+ friends on my friends list,

    OH yeah to OP im a truck driver

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    Financial Advisor 15 years! Still going strong


    And I def fit into the 40+ category!

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    @ Dubey18...We do the engines for Cessna Citations. Our company does the small versions of turbine engines and we are scaling up to do bigger ones while other companies are trying to scale down to compete.


    @ machine650...It is a good job. Pays decent and allows me to surf the web alot while working. Lol. I am at work right now. Plumbers can make a killin also. I should know...I have had to pay them a couple times to flush my pipes. Lol.

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