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Campers, People Still Hatin On Campers!


Ok for those of you who are engineers the biggest problem with a test is variability right? If the test has too many variables, it can be invalid in many cases.


Having said that.... take a person (ie YOU), an xbox, a contoller, the MW3 game and let that said person (ie YOU) play a game of free for all for example. Ok, so the game starts, everyone is completely equal let's just say, no boosters, no cheaters etc. The game is just you and your gun and the rest of the players with their guns.


Your objective as well as theirs, is to shoot the other players correct? So if a person decides to camp, what is the problem? They have a gun just like you, they choose not to run around the map like a rabit dog jumping, doing stupid dances to avoid being shot, flopping to the ground to name a few, which by the way, in real life none of those techniques are tactically smart but that is another discussion.


So you, with your run and gun mentality run into a room for example and a "camper" shoots you. Why the fuss? Nobody asked you to run into a room and not secure the area. You ran in and didn't secure the area first! You got shot, fair and square whether you like it or not. Why are people so upset with the idea of "campers" when if they know they exist? Maybe, just maybe they should be more tactically sound to begin with to avoid the so called "campers" as they put it. Explain it to me?

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    I'm sure the run n' gunner had every intention of securing the room. However, due to a camping headglitcher who was nearly impossible to see or shoot, the run n' gunner was killed.  When you camp you're not moving so you're harder to see and are more accurate.  When you run n' gun you are easier to see and are less accurate.  The camper is almost always going to have the jump on the run n' gunner if he/she is paying attention.


    The only tactically sound solution is out-camping the camper.  This is no fun.  You end up with nobody moving around the map.


    Another problem with campers is that many seemingly don't understand it's just a game, not real life...  You get as many digital lives as you'd like to use.  Many don't realize that these digital lives are nothing more than a tool to acheive the objective.  Sometimes it's neccessary to sacrifice a life here and there for the greater good of the team.


    Campers RELY on run n' gunners.  If everyone camps, then the game goes to time, score of 0-0. 


    The run n' gunners keep the game moving forward.  If everyone run n' guns the game gets played, and finishes at the winning score.


    Many would say that the spirit of Call of Duty is fast-paced, exciting arcade gameplay.  Run n' gunners don't understand how camping is either fast paced or exciting.


    I personally will do both, I'll camp when I need to and I'll run n' gun when I need to.  But I will say it's quite annoying when you've been running around the map for 5 minutes (no exaggeration) and haven't found a soul, only to be shot in the back by someone head glitching behind a crate (you looked there but didn't see him because only the very top of his head was showing and he wasn't moving).



    This is only my opinion and how I perceive it, others may feel differently.

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    The problem with campers is that they ruin the flow of all game modes. If everyone is looking down the sights at a corner, the only person moving will be destroyed every time. There's a HUGE middle area between the kind of camping that is justifiably complained about and 100% run-and-gun never stop running gameplay- and it is in this middle area that the game is meant to be played.


    The big problem is campers in objective modes. Let's be realistic, by the nature of TDM, it's going to have campers, and that's expected. Then you have half objective modes like KC- people who watch a single line of sight and don't go grab tags. If you want to consider FFA, camping will never get you to the 30 kills for the win so doing it is a waste of time and effort. Then you have the heavy objective modes. Modes like Dom and Demo have area that you're supposed to camp- and doing so in those areas is playing the objective. These areas attract action and people, and is healthy for the gameplay. However, when people say camp in the double-entrance house in Resistance in demo (if memory serves the sites are near the cars at the bottom of the stairs and in the narrow streetway near the store), it's completely useless to the player's team and frustrating for the other team.


    I think that's the point where it's not acceptable. When the camper is a detriment to his team is when it's a problem. Obviously a lot of people frustratingly call people campers for no reason.


    At least that's my problem with campers.

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      But people also are judging to quick.

      Last time i played Resistance. Everybody was trying to get into the house and moving in and out.

      At one point i got myself inside shot someone. Duck done to recover en reload. 3 people ran in. I shot them because i happend to be there. Reloaded and got 2 extra people.


      After that the match ended.


      I got 3 hate messages accusing me of camping. I was there maybe half a minute of a match lasting the full 10 minutes.


      So how do you know if someone is camping and not recovering for a sec. Are you following him the whole time. And people sniping shouldn't they camp. Is that not THE tactic of a good sniper.


      Play the game. Enjoy and don't get upsad with people playing differently.

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    People need to quit worrying about how someone else plays the game. If you camp, knock yourself out, if you don't, good for you. If you like using Akimo FMG's and the Type 95, do so, if not get whatever you're comfortable with. It's simple. And for those complaining about someone else and how they play the game, they need to take a break if it bothers them that much to constantly whine about it. Enough with dictating how others should play the damn game.

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    I like everyones feedback here. You guys were all professional and gave good answers. Thanks!

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    In my opinion there is a difference to camping and playing tactically. Campers will continuously sit in one spot and head clitch or lay prone around corners for the majority of the game. They slow the game pace and are very frustrating because it is annoying. Instead of being smart and outwitting the camper ppl get angry and charge right in the same way every time and then flip out cuz the guy is camping. In that case they are stupid because they know where the guy is and there is no spot in the game where it is impossibe to kill a camper, you can coordinate with teamates to throw flashes and grenades and then assault from different directions.


    Playing tactically is different to camping in a way that you control strategic locations on the map and you defend them from incoming attackers. Campers abuse these positions all the time by sitting in a corners with assasin and refuse to move from that spot. Now a tactical player plays it smart and decides hey, instead of running around in the open like an idiot im gonna set up shop around a location that gives me a great view of the map and allows me to pick of enemies without putting myself in relative danger. Thats the way I play, every map has strategic locations that give you a significant advantage if you can hold them.


    There are only certain circumstances when i do camp and thats when i am shooting for a MOAB and i see the my killstreak is at 15, so i will camp to get a a couple kills to call in the MOAB after that i run around more. Another instance is if i know a guys is coming in a room rather than run blindly outside and run and gun, i will sit tight and wait for the guy to come in to kill em. Better him than me.


    In the end the game is kill or be killed, whatever tactic you use no matter how annoying it may be is your way of playing the game. People need to realize that the game is meant to be fun I have alot of fun with the game and i goof off from time to time and i dont take the game 100% serious and i still have 2.41 K/D ratio. Ya know people it is ok to have fun in a game from time to time