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Kill Confirmed


When I do play it, the team mates avoid collecting the yellow... tags, whatever those things are called that you drop when you die on the gamemode.

I don't get it, you get confirmed kill and points and the player who collects it gets points as well, then WHY THE HELL THEY WON'T COLLECT THEM


It's weird, when they seem to accidently collect them they run away from you and seem to be thinking that I'd get mad because of it, I get several long range kills and if I have to go all the way to get the tags, I end up dead most of the time. Am I missing something? I really thought it doesn't matter, I think you do get more points by collecting more of them in a row and by collecting your own tag but still, why?

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    Don't try to get into the mind of the average COD player, you'll go crazy. Personally I can't pass a tag without picking it up but I guess there are some people don't realise you both get XP, either that or they're camping the tags maybe. Who knows.

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    Clans let other clan mates get the tags for the following reason.


    You make kill and get +50 points


    if Clan mate picks up the tag from that kill


    You get +50 points & Clan Mate gets +50 points


    Bonus 50 points per kill for the Clan.


    BUT in your case the other players are using you for bait. If you get the tag and the 50 points, they still get the 50 points even if you live or die in the process.

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    Well, do remember that in order to win, a team must collect 65 yellow tags, not get 65 kills. Therefore, it's quite possible for someone to purposely avoid tags to drag out the game and get more kills for themselves.

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      Fvcking kill whores again.............

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      I don't think that I'm the bait, in most cases it's me who stacks a nice pile of tags in areas where my teammates run like headless chickens. They just won't take them, I benefit by not risking my life, they benefit by grabbing a tag right next to them.


      And kill whores doesn't make sense either, randoms often finish their games with scores like 10-25 or something, because this game always gives me the worst possbile teammates unless I'm in a party.

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        I only pick up half, not cause I'm a kill whore, just a little strategy I guess.  I'll leave it and turn the other way looking for other opponents.  Then if the kill is denied, I know exactly where they are and go after them.  Helps out especially when there's no uav. 

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    im a tag junkie...i will go for a tag in a minute..lmao...been mowed down..shanked..smawed...akimboed...you name it and ive died every single possible way you can imagine! but by god do i love those shiny gold and red tags! and this mode...hence my user name!