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Level 15 Prestige Reset All Stats

I'm not sure if anyone from Infinity Ward will actually read this and respond; however I still felt inclined to share my feelings on this site in hopes that someone will.


I purchased this game in November of last year about a week after it was released.  Yesterday, I finally reached level 15 prestige.  I'd been hearing and reading about the fact that once you reach level 15 prestige, you have the option to reset all stats.  I thought this was great, because it meant that now that I've got months of playing under my belt, and I've gotten better at the game, I have a chance to start over and build an improved k:d, which was at 1.98 overall, and 2.01 in TDM.


I've been gaming for over 20 years, and I've never in my life been so upset as to "contact" a game manufacturer; until now.  I was under the impression that all of my STATS would be reset; k:d, wins/losses, accuracy, etc; however I'd keep my level 15 prestige medal.  I didn't even care about losing all of my titles and emblems.  What I did NOT expect, is for my prestige rank to go back to a 1, and to lose all of the guns/perks I'd carried over from previous prestiges.  Not only that, but my k:d that's visible to other players on lobby leaderboards WASN'T reset.  WHY WOULD ANYONE CARE ABOUT RESETTING A K:D THAT ONLY THEY'RE CAPABLE OF SEEING. 


Had I known this was how it worked, I NEVER would've done it.  What's my reward?  What's the incentive?  WHAT'S THE PURPOSE?  What do I have to show for the fact that I've played through 15 prestiges.  Gameplay doesn't change, no additional tokens, no special titles, nothing.  Why would anyone who's played the game for 5 months want to go back to a level one prestige without the aforementioned things?  I've never been so upset regarding a video game; I really don't even want to play anymore. 


You guys really need to be extremely specific in detailing what gets carried over and what doesn't.  I guarantee if you do, there won't be NEARLY as many players choosing this option.