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Just ordered my Scuf controller

Went with the FPS Pro... wireless, domed aim stick , trigger stops, left paddle is B for dirt diving, right paddle is X for mag changes and capturing care packages, etc.    I didn't do the blackout buttons, remove rumble pack, scuf grip or case.  Total with shipping was like $130.    I'll let you know my impressions (as a decent player looking to get better) once I have it.  I think the biggest advantage will be the quickness of the two triggers and to not have to take my finger off the aim stick for going prone or reloading... which are the two most frequent things that require me to take my finger off the aim stick for.  Any small speed advantage I think will be very beneficial for me as an older guy who hasn't logged the FPS/COD hours many of the young whippersnappers I play against have.  That and they have better eyesight and hand/eye co-ord.

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    I really want one after hearing Wiggy yesterday but they are pretty expensive and I've just repurchased MW3 and bought cod Elite in the past couple of weeks so there's no way the misses will let me spend that much, might get my brother to try and make a DIY one, he's good at soldering and stuff so ya never know.

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    I'm not good enough with the basic Xbox controller. I'm just about dumb enough to where an aftermarket controller that is supposed to make playing easier will just confuse me.

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    imo cancel your order and get a refund


    1) the hair triggers are just a screw that pushes against the trigger mechanism weakening the trigger plastic over time totally pointless if you have trigger stops and need to be taken off for any other game, each time you screw in or out it weakens the trigger


    2) the trigger stops are just a screw screwed into the trigger plastic, you need to take them out any time you play a different game do that a few times the hole wears and the screws just fall out


    3) the extra buttons , on the circuit board scuf just scrap off the carbon on the button contacts and solder a awg30 wire onto it, this is the bad place to solder onto as it interferes with the normal button usage (but its the quick nastry way) as the rubber contacts are pushed up by the soldered on wire.


    4) paddles sit exactly where your fingers naturly rest, so using one for any period of time you'll feel like you have arthritis in your hands as you'll need to scrunch your fingers to stop pressing the paddles..


    onto costs


    you bought an offical xbox controller that costs in the uk £35

    a domed stick that cost 99p

    two buttons for the paddles that cost about 50p

    some awg30 wire 15p

    bit of plastic for paddle price unknown but if its £1 ill be surprised

    the slow turn thing is marketting crap if itds a new controller it shouldnt have any slow turn and scuf dont do anything to stop slow turn past blasting the mechanism with a air duster

    totaly time to do it about an hr max


    and for all that you paid what $130 = £85


    scuf are a waste of money and a marketing con


    i have owned a scuf sent it back as it was setup wrong and came scratched, and have since bought a 2nd hand one i dismantled to see how they made it


    i made my own saved myself £40 and it works alot better than scufs.



    @craig wigs doesnt have a scuf, one of the 4rumboys made him a controller with hair triggers using abetter system than scuf do

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    Cool, I'm interested to hear what you think about it.  I'm more interested in specifics of how well it does, like if you KD improves, accuracy, other.

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    How much did the rapid fire and dropshot buttons cost you? It amazes when people spend their money on modded controllers in order to cheat their way through the game. A moddded controller is a modded controller unless you have physical limitations that would prevent you from using a none modded controller. But from the sound of it you are not and you think using a modded controller is OK.


    Cheaters will cheat in anyway.

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    A Scuf controller doesn't have rapid fire or dropshot buttons...  They are perfectly legitimate for online play.   Don't be mad just cause your mommy won't buy you one.

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    agilekillzone36 wrote:


    How much did the rapid fire and dropshot buttons cost you? It amazes when people spend their money on modded controllers in order to cheat their way through the game.


    It is always funny when someone makes statements about something they know nothing about and make themselves look like an ass.

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    I just spent $30 dollars for the stuff to make my own and all I can see is soldiering it to to the contacts that the normal buttons use drill the case for the new buttons and reassemble. I doubt I want the hair trigger crap I don't really see the point unless you have a slow trigger finger. Other then that I don't see where it would help with precision just trigger spam. I want to fully customize my controller all the way to repairing it.

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    not rapid fire nor modded in any way other than having two extra buttons, and adjustments to the triggers so they don't take as long to pull.


    As others have said, this controller is approved for tournament play, etc.,   The anology for me is buying a turtle beach headset vs. using the TV for sound... the headset is so much better at directional sound and things like footsteps... a small advantge, but an advantage none the less.  Do you think people using quality headsets are cheaters?

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