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  • 10. Re: Just ordered my Scuf controller

    Mac, thanks for the reply and I did read your comments on another thread about Scufs.  To be honest, while I probably have the ability to make the mods to my exisiting controller, I just don't have the freakin time to sit down and go about it.  I'm a busy guy with a busy job and three kids, dog and a house.. .the "honey do" list is about a mile long.. don't think I can bump "modify my xbox controller" to the top of that list!  The cost doesn't really bother me at all... I'm fortunate enough to make a pretty good living so my time is more precious than money in most cases.  I do understand your points about durability, etc., and we'll see how that plays out.

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    I just got mine today. I got the same as the OP did except I got the rumble packs removed. My previous controller was a Razer Onza TE. They're notorious for having left analog stick problems so I figured I'd try a Scuf.


    I was surprised that they're actual Xbox controllers that are converted. My first thought when I saw that is I'm going to run into wear and tear problems with the analog sticks like regular Xbox controllers. That wasn't the exact issue with Onza. I was also less than impressed with the trigger stops. The difference is noticable but it's not going to improve your game at all really.


    I'm sure Mac knows what he's talking about but I figured I'd try it for myself. I won't have a problem playing other games though becaue I have a regular controller I use for any non-CoD game.

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    I expect to win more 1:1 gun fights, so the KD should improve.  I think that will be the primary benefit.


    he button configuration migh help me drop shot better.. .which I do on rare occassion but am considering trying to bring that into my gameplay on a more regular basis... .


    Accuracy... not sure if this will have a big help or not.


    I wish the Elite metrics were more powerful (like a sortable database) so I could track with some level of precision.

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    I don't have a momy you boob.

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    Interested to hear your thoughts after some extended game play.  the other game issue is the same for me.. I have standard controllers too.. but to be honest, all i play is MW3.  Curious that you don't think the trigger stops are beneficial... that one seems to be the biggest benefit to me, maybe even more than the extra paddles.

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    Modded controllers are just that modded. It is what it is. If you are not playing with original equipment then you are modding.


    Repeat after me,  any controller that is configured differently than what came with your xbox is a modded controller!

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    Someone just got ripped off! Domed sticks are cheap and if you want some domed sticks just buy some kontrol freeks snipr.


    Don't let all the big youtubers fool you about this controller its a rip off.

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    agilekillzone36 wrote:

    If you are not playing with original equipment then you are modding.


    This is not true. Scuf controllers and others like them are legal for online play. Fully auto rapid fire controllers are considered illegal by certain developers. Just because you view it as cheating does not mean he actually is.

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    I bought a modded controller last week. it sucks. Triggers are heavy, Sticks are clunky and it feels big. Thats what you get for $35.00 from gamestop. Also the rapid fire makes everything aim for the sky.

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    So you bought a modded controller? Your controller is modded. A modded controller is a modded controller. You modded your modded controller. The modded controller is modded.

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