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    @ drunkndennys


    The only time player stats come into play is after the lobby is created. After the lobby is created, then the teams are weighted by player stats.

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    If you believe MW3 is based on a weighted K/D matchmaking system, then I wouldn't be matchmaked with greenies & split-screeners.


    The thing is that I DO get matchmaked with greenies & split-screeners

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    they had country lock on when the game launched to help keep the servers from dropping a deuce on everybody. since psn maintenance march 9th i cant get into a game under 150ms. also have an above average premium connection. i have noticed when i prestige i usually end up with lobbies full of scrubs. my k/d is upper end of 1.5ish if that means anything. does anybody have a link to i.w. saying how matchmaking works?

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    They should match all none level 80s together and level 80 and prestigers together. Playing with low level split screeners is like playing with mentally retarded people on your team. The chances of winning are so low even if you play like rambo. It's unfair and getting a moab like that doesn't make you good, just saying.


    Further more there should be a 75 ping lock in the big game modes. Why the hell would I want to play with Americans (100 plus ping) or South Europeans or Russians (over that even). To get lag killed?


    Same for people in America they don't want to play South Americans, let alone Europeans unless their ping is good. So why not add a 75 ping lock for dom, tdm, kc, s&d?


    I would take longer quality matchmaking searches above this crap they have now every time.

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    That would be cool, but unfortuanely some people would never find lobbies (at least at certain times of the day).  That would cause some people to not buy (or return) the game which would cause a drop in sales.


    I know this because for some reason I cannot explain... I am one of those people.

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    They should at least add a local only lock option. If you want to go over 75 ping you would need to take it off yourself. That way there would be way more good local matches. Why the hell am I playing more 3 / 2 bar players than 4 bar players while they game is in its prime? Hosting now sucks with the frame drops & it's completely unplayable against 3 / 2 bar players.

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    People screwing around with their MTU has insane affect in lag compensation. MTU detetmines the amount of info you can send and receive from each other across the net. MTU is typically set to 1500 by default but if you change it to say 1152 in your end then it will take 2-4 commands (such as I'm here, I'm aiming, hit marker, hit marker) to fill up the packet before your internet provider passes it on to the host player. Also lag compensation will exaggerate this even more since it will misintepret your bandwidth and slow down all the other players this will change the timestamps on all the other players packets and in this scenario cause insta-deaths or insta-kills.



    player Xxx

    pack 1 time 500ms MTU 1152

    show position + ads lock

    pack 2 time 700ms MTU 1152

    fire + fire + fire

    isp combines pack 1 2

    new pack 1500 goes stamped 500ms

    position + ads lock + fire + fire + fire


    Player 2

    pack 1 time 500ms MTU 1500

    position + ads lock + fire + fire

    pack 2 time 700ms MTU 1500

    fire + fire + fire + fire

    sent asis


    host receives both

    player 2 gets +200ms from lag compensation

    since player 1 is slow

    player 2 fired first but was already dead at 500ms

    packet is cancelled host will ignore it

    player 1 is timestamped 500ms

    3 hits kill player 2 says host

    result player 2 is insta-killed

    no bullets will be fired from player 2 in replay

    packet cancelled by host by lag comp


    I set my MTU to 1308 and watched my K/D change from .33 to 2.0 then 6.0 in just 1 night then I moved to BF3 which is even worse in case you were wondering, 1152 is the MTU for BF3... there is no skill or fun in thesr games at all anymore now that I realize lag conpensation is the only thing that detetmines whether you win or lose.

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    Sales drive too much in this industry---until people stop buying now simply due to the fixing of the matches with lag comp. Lag comp is not a proper solution. They just think we are all stupid and apparently we are as we keep buying their product--You cant make all equal by taking from those who have and giving to those who do not. That is what they are trying to do.

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    yeah hopefully with black ops2 they get away from screwing us that have good connections.i get so tired of getting host and getting screwed.why should we be punished for have better internet speed than some hic with dsl.

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    not everyone can get fios, they have the best connection speed they can get. And believe me the worse connection lag compensation thing isnt really true because i have dsl with a 6mb dl and 1 up and its terrible for me too. So i can tell you first hand im not getting compensated in any way for not having some super fast internet speed. The game's matchmaking system just blows for some people thats all i can tell you for certainty.