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Stealing Dog Tags in Kill Confirmed?


I love playing Kill Confirmed. My favorite gamemode by far. When I kill someone and someone takes my tags, I'm totally cool with it. God forbid I get shot trying to collect them and get denied the kill. But I've had teammates yell at me for stealing their tags, when I'm the one who is right there where the tags are while the guy who got the kill is several feet away from me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole objective is to work as a team and sweep up the tags regardless if you you kill them or not?


I've never ever raged for someone "stealing my kill" as the objective is to win the game. But I also never cared for people who yell at others for "stealing there kill." If thats how they want to blow steam, cool by me. But to rage over "stealing dog tags", that is just a little strange to me.


Please weigh in on this topic. Does it bother you when teammates collect tags after you did killing?