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No CoD series for Wii U =(

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    Wow...it's all over the internet. We will see. Wonder how the financial analysts got the info that Activision is not going to support Wii U?  Activision has traditionally been very tight-lipped on any future direction.

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    No new CoD for Wii U, meh, I couldn't care less, it's not the only FPS

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    True...Ghost Recon will def. be on Wii U.  I'm just curious as to why?  I've read alot of articles from within the industry (mostly financial) that talk about how Nintendo is VERY, VERY difficult to work with.  Nintendo is bleeding money and financially they are struggling.  I wonder if thats why gamemakers are avoiding the platform or more likely, taking a wait and see attitude on how many units are sold before they commit to the platform.  Lower sales of the console = not enough market to attack with game titles.


    Edit:  And if the Wii U flops, you will not see many FPS for it either.  It boggles the mind to see how Nintendo took a significant part of the market share and flushed it right down the toilet.

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    If Wii U will fail that definately sucks, but it's still hard to say anything untill the next E3, isn't that around June or something?

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    WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can't be true.Hmm.......................

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    I think you are right about june for E3. .  I was confused about something else.  Estimates place the Wii U at approximately $600 USD.  At that price, they are doomed!!!!  They really need to get their head on straight and realize that success is all about market share.  I read an article that suggest Wii U will be targeted at households with 50K to 60K of DISPOSABLE INCOME.  Really?  WOW, who is running Nintendo's marketing?????


    Guys, sorry....I misread the NA President of Nintendo's comments:


    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime briefly spoke to All Things Digital about what consumers should expect from Wii U. One of the things Fils-Aime did mention is that pricing for console will be priced substantially higher than Wii and that Wii U will mainly interest consumers who want to have the latest gadgets and have a higher disposable income.

    The market is going to continue to differentiate based on the types of experiences that consumers want. As an example, if I’m the head of a household of a family of four, and my disposable income is $50,000 to $60,000, I’m going to continue to look at the Wii because of the software, and it’s a great entertainment device. For consumers who want to have the latest gadgets and have a higher disposable income, that’s for the Wii U.

    We haven’t announced pricing or availability or any other details, but given the current pricing of the Wii, it’s not going to be there.

    We’ve been very clear, the market is going to decide how long these products will coexist side by side. Our goal is to launch the Wii U and drive it into the marketplace, but it will speak to a different consumer than the one that is buying the Wii today during the holidays.

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    Thats really sad news to hear

    Might as well get a ps3 or just wait for a ps4 or something

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    Hold the telephone. After some internet searching, found some interesting things. Like, the fact Activision has confirmed its supporting WiiU. So............ I wouldn't believe one word of this analyst, who is merely trying to go with the Fad (igames) because it will reap in quick profit, instead of Nintendo's long run game plan. Wait another 2 months till E3, and then we can see how this pans out.

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    Are you serious? Not even the ps3 cost that much at launch!

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