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    Well then its just a waiting game now, but i do disagree with the WiiU pricing, i was thinking it was going to be $350 not $500-600! I mean i would still buy it but i thats quite a bit out of my pocket not including games or an extra controller for my little brother.

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    Yeah, let's take the word of a investment bank that's currently fighting court cases for finance scams. And let's ignore the fact that as an investment multinational they have an interest in certain companies being talked up and others being talked down.


    Activision not supporting Wii U? Project Nova is already in developement and if COD etc. don't follow it'll be the first time they've left a console out in their history. Not likely, if there's a penny to be made then Activision are there.


    Comparing the Wii U controller to Apple touch screen products is like comparing my TV remote to a laptop. Both have buttons, right? People are confusing an interesting gaming interface with a stand-alone tablet PC/smart phone. The intended purpose is completely different.


    The Wii U can't be less powerful than either PS3/360, they've already announced who's making their GPU/CPU so unless they've talked IBM/ATI into making the kind of product they might have 7 yrs ago then you'll have to hit them with a hammer to make them less powerful. Every NAMED developer to talk about Wii U has backed this up.


    Keep calm and carry on.

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    cmon nintendo you guys are L3G1T so dont mess thw wii u up ok please 600 is way too high guys

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    Yeahh somewhere around $350-$500 they still have to make a profit lol

    Dont be cheap and buy the console, but yess it will be a little tough to just cough up $600 plus games,controllers, and accesories.

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    Yes, it did. I bought my 60 gig PS3 in December of 2006. $599.99.


    Serious question. With the Wii not getting love from CoD i.e. updates, DLC, game modes, why buy the Wiiu when it's sub-par to PS3 and xbox? Why noy just wait another year for the new consoles?

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    Who would want to buy another activision game anyway? Like others have said, wait and see the outcome of E3, and buy other fps games if they become available. Who knows, this analysist might be a wii cod player and is pissed off as much as everyone else..

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    I would love to see battlefield

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    Guys, do not believe any of these news, wait untill the E3, like grom says.


    Wii U won't have any of those special abilities like PS3 and Xbox 360, reason is simple, Nintendo want's to keep the price low. 600$ is BS, the real price has been estimated to be between 250$ - 450$, Strongest guess is around 300 - 350.


    Most of these news are based on unnamed developers saying that the console is weaker than it has been told. However, Nintendo is still working on the Wii U, the developers don't have the final version yet.

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    i honestly hope the wii u fails and nintendo just develops games for the microsoft and sony. i would love to be able to play zelda, star fox, mario, and mario kart on my ps3 or whatever comes out next. i

  • 19. Re: No CoD series for Wii U =(

    If I could, I would definately ***** slap you

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