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Is it ALWAYS coincidence?


How come everytime I enter a room and look to the right the enemy happens to be in the corner on the left, and Im shot in the back?
How come everytime I spawn and start running forwards I get shot in the back?
How come everytime I spawn and turn around to run the other way I still get shot in the back?
How come while Im capping a flag in Dom by myself I always get killed from behind?
How come I spend so much time getting shot in the back in this game?
How come sometimes when Im shooting a guy in the back he turns around and slays me with his ACR or MP7?
How come everytime I wait for an enemy to come around a corner he never comes, but anytime I persue an enemy around a corner he's laying prone for an easy kill on me? Are these things always coincidences. I dont often find myself getting into gunfights with people and either winning or losing...its typically just getting shot in the back and then having to watch the killcam to see who the heck killed me.


I wish there was a stat that showed how many times Ive been shot in the back and killed. It would probably be a staggeringly high number. I would say 8/10 of my deaths are because of this type of bullcrap.

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    It is the "you do not see them, now you do" effect. What this means is you ran right past them, i get this all the time, i am running in a direction, only one way to go, no corners nothing, i turn around, killed.


    How? i looked no one was there, no corner, no hole to hide in.



    Playing call confirmed i shoot someone, i go to take the tag and i get Kill Denied, there is no enemy near me, i walk a few steps and shot dead.


    What is it? I lost interest in figuring out why or how come, my enjoyment is now spent on the forums instead of playing the game. Some incredible people are here

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      lol nice post. I know exactly what you mean though. Even if I check my left and right flanks they always come from the way Im not facing. I could wait a few seconds to make sure the coast is clear to run for those gold tags, but as soon as I drop my guard and hussle some douche appears around the corner, I go to hipfire, killed. Why couldnt that guy run around the corner while I was playing it safe? How come its always "if I had just waited ONE more moment then I could have killed him off guard rather than getting killed off guard myself". It cant be a coincidence ALL the time! its crazy.

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    Heh. Yeah, with me it's like the reload & sprint buttons might as well be suicide buttons.

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    It's the maze layout of the maps.

    Most maps have approximately 3-4 ways to enter each building, and at least two positions looking towards the uncovered side of any good piece of cover, meaning whenever you face one direction, there is a 2/3 chance the enemy does not come from that direction.


    Indirectly, all the lack of safe places to catch your breath and get an overview of the situation, makes camping easier.

    Not because there's camping positions, but because the maze layout makes camping behind any piece of clutter viable for one kill because you HAVE to run around OR sit still behind a piece of clutter to not get shot in the back, and those who are running cannot expect an enemy in each of the 1000 corners on each map when forced to sprint away from the enemies spawning behind them..


    In free for all, there seems to be exactly ONE hot spot on each map, with a very few honorable exceptions with two hot spots.

    In these hot spots, it is easy for a player to time each of the enterances, or sit facing two enterances at a time while listening.


    I would love to see some better maps.

    Less clutter.
    Less buildiings.

    More empty space.

    Larger maps.
    Who knows.

    The M16 may have been used on such a map!

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    I get the feeling that you are sprinting everywhere and reloading after every kill...


    A bit Gung Ho if you like...


    Try slowing your game pace down and using a silenced weapon. A Portable Radar may be of some use to you as well...


    Hope that helps...

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    I think its the spawn system. It usually happend's when I lag a lot. I will sprint along, then someone spawns behind me and bam. This is how they disigned the game and when you lag, theres not a lot that you can do. Sit in a corner with scrambler and betty and go for "long maps" and silenced acr.

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    all of the replies above are good BUT the real reason is because you have such a sexy bum!  hence being shot from behind, everyone just wants to sstare at it !



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    Words can't describe how many times I'll kill a guy, and then get kill by him 5 seconds after. Only to see he spawn 5 feet away. I feel like this due to bad map design. In every CoD, there are "safe zones" in the corners/outskirts of maps where you could spawn. These are basically non existant in this game, causing spawning in areas where people are.

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    its cod logic lag and the maps. i expect all this to happen to me if my team is winning since the game punishes rushers. try not to wonder near the middle of the map and stay there to long like 5-10 sec collect tags cap flags then get back to the outside of the map and keep a wall to your back even wen running across the map. i also use recon pro and stun grenades to try and see if guys im pursuing lay and wait after going round corners. since everyone use assassin portable radars are useless and even with dead silence pro u still show up from recon jus not as long.

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    Throw special grenade, guy comes around the corner. Reload, guy comes around the corner. Always happens to me.

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    Because you have poor situational awareness. You should check BOTH corners, not just one. And you shouldn't just spawn and start running like a fat kid towards the ice cream cart.

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      LOL how am I supposed to check both corners simultaneously? Im saying that 9 times out of 10 the enemy is sitting in the corner that I dont check first.


      Example: Im about to enter a room and I know there are 2-3 camper spots in there, I can only physically be looking at one spot at a time so I must decide, do I check the left corner, the right corner or behind the table first? I take my chances and I check behind the table, but the camper happened to be sitting in the left corner, so as I enter the room to clear it out I get shot in the side of the head and dead.


      So now I know this guy is camping on the left side of the room. I make my way back to get the revenge kill and I immediately focus on the left portion of the room only to get shot in the back because the guy now migrated over to the right side.


      So now Im aware that he is camping the same room but rotating corners so I cant run in for a surprise kill. He'll probably be back on the left side sinse he's expecting me to charge in and attack the right flank, so Ill catch him off guard on the left. I run in and turn to the left only to get shot in the back because he's still on the right.


      Bottom line is, it just seems like no matter what tactical decision I make it always seems to be the wrong one. You could say I have poor situational awareness but that is the furthest from the truth. I know exactly what my situation entails but the fact remains that there are so many variables as to what can and may happen that its impossible for me to make the right choice all of the time, and I think that is a flaw with these games.


      Prior to release Rob Bowling was talking about how the better players will be able to traverse maps in a way that would grant them success, but the fact that there are so many places to hide and so many random spawn points makes this type of thing impossible.



      It doesnt even have to be the 'camper in a room' scenario. I could run out of a pathway and I need to decide to go left or right. I want to go right but Ill check the left first to make sure I dont get shot from behind. One of two things will most likely happen, either while Im checking the left Ill get shot from the right, or Ill check left notice its clear then Ill start running right, only for a guy to suddenly appear down the left flank that I JUST checked and shoot me in the back. Its almost inevetable. I rage at the game because this type of thing happens so often.


      It cant ALWAYS be a coincidence!!!!!!

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    Don't let your ego dictate in the going back to the room scenario, or use a Portable Radar, Flash, Stun, etcetera...


    Don't EVER run around a corner, LOOK before you leap...


    Maybe try using a Heartbeat Monitor on your primary...


    Stop running everywhere and play smarter...


    There is an old saying that goes something like, "Fools rush in where [something] fear to tread"...


    Hope that helps...

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      Thanks for the input but you're taking me too literally when I say I  "run into a room". I dont do it wrecklessly. Im careful and Im always on guard, it just seems like everything I do should have been done a different way.


      For instance... I started a match on Overwatch and I rushed the enemis right at the beginning and got a 7 kill streak right away. Killed 5 guys and then two spawned within my view so I killed them aswell. I went prone to see if any more enemies were going to come around the corner that # 6 and 7 just came from. I waited a few seconds and no one was coming, so I got up and proceeded forward. As soon as I got up a guy runs around the corner and kills me. Why couldnt he run around when I was waiting there for him? It never happens like that for me. When I wait for people they dont come and when I chase people they are always just sitting there waiting for me. When I go left I get shot in the back by someone who was on the right and vice versa. Even if I know an enemy is in a room Ill go to throw a flash into the room but as soon as I start to throw the thing the dumb camper decides to walk out and kill me while Im vulnerable. It seems inevetable that Im gonna die if I make a decision. If I didnt know I were playing against live opponents then I would be 100% certain that the game was programmed to shoot me in the back every 5 seconds.

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    This is caused by a variety of factors;




    Spawners. (I've seen plenty of times double spawns in FFA, people spawning 15 feet behind you staring right at you, etc.)






    However, you may find things may improve greatly if you simply go past an enemy and act like you didn't see them, then turn around and punish them for their ignorance. You need exceptional periphereal vision for this, but if you practice it becomes wonderful. I probably kill 60 people a month because they assume I am still running away when I am really just waiting for turning around to run and kill them much faster than they presumed possible for someone "running away".

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      GREAT tip.  I use this ALL of the time.  If I am sprinting, and notice an enemy sitting still that sees me, I won't engage him immediately.  I'll keep sprinting as if I never saw him.  Most of the time, he'll try to find out where I went or even begin chase.  I'll double back right after I get out of his view, and then begin the gun fight.  It works so well as most enemies do not expect this one bit, as they assume I never saw them to start with.  Definitely a nice little trick.

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    I understand your frustration and some times being shot in the back or picking the wrong corner of a room to check first cannot be avoided.  Bad spawns happen.  But, there are still many ways to limit the occurrences of things like you described happening.


    There is actually a lot of little things that go on in a game that can help with the problem.  For example, you can lead into the room with a stun/flash.  If you get a hitmarker, you know someone is there.  Check the corner you can visibly see without fully entering the room, then make your way around to the other entrance to the room to check another corner.  It may seem like a lot, but it gets the job done often.  Of course, that is situational and won't be 100%.


    Pay attention to your team mates locations at all times, as this will dictate where the enemy will spawn.  Yes, some times the game will be evil and spawn them behind you regardless of team mate location, but nothing one can do about that.  This also will depend on game type being played, as in games such as Domination, flag ownership will play a huge part in the spawns.


    Pay attention to the death skulls that pop up when a team mate is killed, it can be very helpful in giving away enemy location.


    Try not to sprint when it is not necessary, being caught in sprint by an enemy is a sure way to lose a gun fight.


    When capping a flag in dom, be aware of the popular locations in which enemies like to come from to defend a flag.  Don't hesitate to turn around quickly to throw a stun/flash to check the area for a incoming enemy.  You can also purposely hit the flag so that it tells the enemy team it is being taken, and then proceed to take cover and wait a second to see if an enemy is near to defend it.


    Deciding to pursue an enemy around a corner is different for each situation.  If you put shots on him already, and have him hurt, it may not be a bad idea to round the corner after him.  But be prepared for him laying prone, perhaps even pre-fire the corner in anticipation of him being there.  Also, gauge your competition in the match.  If you are playing with good players, you can expect that type of trickery.  If you find yourself playing against bad players, chances are he's not laying and waiting, he's still running and will be an easy target.


    If you are in a game where the enemy team controls all 3 flags (in which case your team is spawning everywhere), be aware of this fact.  When you spawn, check your back to make sure you haven't been spawned directly in front of an enemy.  Of course, this won't always work and you'll still get killed, but the idea is to cut down on how much it occurs.


    So much little information is given to you during a match to help you with the decisions.  For example, you can tell by the way a guy is running if he has a shotgun.  This should change how you approach the guy as you know you have a range advantage assuming you aren't running a shotgun.  Or when in a gun fight, if you take note of the type of gun the guy is using, you can know how many bullets he has to work with.  You can then estimate how much he has fired at you to use that to your advantage, knowing he'll need to reload.


    Combining all of the above with situational awareness can go a long way to preventing a lot of frustrating moments.  Take note of your competition, the game type, the spawns, the map, try to use it all to your advantage.

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    Thanks for the input guys. Ive been paying attention to the death skulls in CoD as far back as I can remember. Its a veteran tactic that helps me know where an enemy might be lurking. Its a good tip but it doesnt always help.


    Im going to try the thing that someone said about not engaging enemies right away, run away and then turn around and engage. I have done this before and it has worked but I think Ill keep it in the back of my mind a little more and do it more often.