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Looking for a clan (Xbox 360)

GT: toMUCHskills4u

K/D 4.18

Wins 141

Lost 2

I've been playing infected lately to bring up my winstreak/ratio. I mostly solo and I want to join a clan that works together.

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    Tactical Carnage Wants You!

    We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome. If you PLAY TO WIN, you're welcome to start a competitive squad or tryout for an existing one! Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from.

    Our clan plays a variety of game modes, including: TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination, etc.

    Supported Games:

    Modern Warfare 3

    Battlefield 3

    Gears of War 3 (Xbox)

    What we can offer you:

    +High quality website & forum

    +Competitive teams <-Tryouts only.

    +Our own social networking site! (Social.TacticalCarnage.com)

    +Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms


    +Leadership opportunities

    +Product/Game reviews

    +Youtube channel


    +At least 14 years of age (16+ to join staff)

    +Team Players

    +Working Headset/Mic

    +Willingness to maintain activity in the community

    If you’re interested in our community visit us athttp://www.TacticalCarnage.com and click JOIN! Happy Gaming!

    -Miss V


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    We are a clan that work together and enjoys playing. come check us out