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  • 120. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    No offence mate but its practice.

    If you only played MW2 running around with the intervention, then you will quickscope by the time you reach prestige.

    I spent one prestige using nothing but the Barrett.50cal and had some awesome one shot kills.

    The point is, yes it does take a lot of skill and practice and yes not everyone can do it but is it right to have it in the game.

    Did the devs initially intend to create quickscoping, no.

    Did it create a passionate community within the franchise that constantly posted videos on Youtube and brought more attention to the game, yes.

    Have they only kept it in the game to keep you happy, yes.

    Just look at all the moaning ******* when Blops came out and suddenly snipers could only snipe. If you could quickscope on Blops then total respect for you but you were the minority.

    MW3 is so desperate to please everyone that no way would they stop quickscopers, same way they help players who die a lot to get death streaks or kill streaks that keep the count even when you die.

    Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on the fact is that quickscoping is now a fundamental part of the franchise and will continue to be around just like ghost,assassin and silencers.

  • 121. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    Quickscoping is so easy to do. It takes little skill and little practice when you have Quickdraw. As long as lag doesn't throw off the hit detection a quickscoper can rule the match

  • 122. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    Well...luckscoping...as i call it...is quite annoying. the only reason anyone does it,is for a quick easy kill..and thats the truth..no matter what you tell yourself. no skill at all..none..keep telling yourself you are good,or whatever you want...if you luckscope on my team..i will expose you and cause us both a death...so if you have a luckscoper on your team...expose him...do it enough times and he will leave..or change his class.

  • 123. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    SMOKE,SMOKE and more SMOKE!,yep,spam the SMOKE grenades.......if they cant see ya....they cant kill ya!...throw on a bit of recon pro and they`re sitting ducks

  • 124. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    My solution for quickscopers is to UAV spam and use portable radar since they can't use Assassin. If three or 4 of your guys on your team do this, there won't be as much of a problem.


    Oh, and HardScoping is the way to go

  • 125. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    No matter how sick of quickscoping you are, its gonna be part of the game. Learn to deal with it, because quickscopers are pretty easy to beat.


    Besides some of the suggestions above, dropshotting is a really easy way to beat quickscopers. Stalker is another good way. Its alot harder to quickscope a moving target than it is to quickscope a stationary one.

  • 126. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    doctorDAVE has it right. I'm an aggresive sniper and UAV spam is the bane of my life.

  • 127. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    I hate to say it but I totally agree. They try to please everyone, which will screw most in the long run.

  • 128. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    Why did this thread come back to life?

  • 129. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????

    1st off I have over 4000 wins and hardly ever come across qsers. Also that being sait, the kill cams are not actually portrails of what actually happened. You ever see a killcam where you didnt shot even though you know you did? Of course you did, we all have. If your bad enough to have someone say this is a good lobby for me to QS in then you need to evaluate your play. Cause I QS when I get in rooms with terrible ppl. So if your always getting QSed Im gonna assume you are a terrible CoD player

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