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Im looking for 2-4 other people to help me start a clan. We'll have equal leadership, Please Read.


Im looking to either start or join a clan. Nothing extremely serious, but with a large amount of members. Js I rather start my own clan, but if I get a nice offer I'll take it.


K/D: 2.01

W/L: 2.14

Win Streak: 154 - With a party of six in KC and DEM (All Same People)

Prestige: 8th

Elite: Free (I'll buy it if needed to)

Not active on weekdays, only weekends


I have created a website already, but im still up for suggestions. Im looking for 4 other members who can help me run the clan. Each founder of the clan will have a say in everything. We'll all be treated equally. Im not active at all during the week. Between sports and school I have no time. The clan name is Amaze Gaming. You can check the site I made at www.amazegaming.moonfruit.com at one point I was going to start it, but then I noticed I had no time. So if interested PM or message me on PS3   ( LiL_RaGEzz ) or you can email me at rayeh1997@yahoo.com ( Yeah im 15 ) All I ask is that if you are to be a founder you must be mature and have an email I can contact you on.