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Spawns (reposted to actual suggestions forum)

I would really like to see a complete overhaul in the spawns.  They are absolutely terrible, and the fact that this has been allowed to stay for all of these patches is outrageous.  More than 75% of my deaths come from being spawned right in front of an enemy.  What's even worse is when you kill an enemy, then they respawn and kill you, and it all shows in the killcam.  There should never be a respawn involved in a killcam.  Plus, spawn is apparently an innapropriate word, according to the theater mode.  The heck?  Also, since I'm finally able to post on these forums (with the wrong account), I'm going to add something else.

In co-op survival, why is the ready up button the crouch button?  That makes no sense.  The select button isn't even mapped to anything in survival, make it select.  It just makes more sense.  I wish I knew how coding games worked so I could realize the problems my grievances might cause, but I wouldn't think that remapping the ready up button would be too hard.