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Hi my name is awholeclip and i was addicted to COD!

Ever since black ops, playing cod has been beyond frustrating.


But for some reason i kept paying for XBL and playing this damned game. I dont know what it is, Id rarely get a fair game and always be pissed off after playing. Yet id turn it on damn near every night and ***** the whole time or hear my friends ***** the whole time.

it used to be an escape just to relax. but i guess i was just chasing that first high.

Ive been a gamer since Mario was eating mushrooms. remember sega channel.

Remember those weird japanese nes games with the extra yellow pack attached to it that had like 100 games in one.

Two words...      game genie.


Anyways, so i had to quit cold turkey. In a fit of RAGE quit i went to unplug my xbox and pack it up so i wasnt tempted to play it for a while.

But before i unplug the console, i have to remove the disc right? Well when you get lagged like me (and most others with a good connection), and you happen to have the disc in your hand right after, guess where it ends up.

Thats right. Across the room frisbee style against the wall.

And when your broke like me. you dont waste your money on another copy.


So theres one method to quit giving these people your money. throw the game against the wall and get a job.

I do miss the online friends i have become acquainted with. but honestly, life is just a little less stressful without these broken video games.

Kinda makes me miss bionic commando. I found that game in my neighbors laundry room after they skipped out on rent when i was little, true story.


ps. good to see everyones still ******* about the laggy ass compensation.

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    Congratulations on your new found incredible life!  i am certain you are going to find some new and exciting things to do, make new friends, create a business? Who knows what is possible!


    Interesting what happens when you ignore challenges, problems and issues in "things" you create, the problems or issues do not go away, the people who experienced them with you do. How ironic it is the same people who are the one's who created the opportunity for success.   We must be thankful to IW and Activision, they have taught us what "not" to do when success is at our door. Cheers!


    Enjoy whatever you decide to do with your time

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      Same here buddy, I use the xbox as a means to escape the pressures of work. If I'm concentrating on the game, it takes your mind off any problems you have. It used to be comics for me, but the last few years its been COD

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        Yah my little nephew plays pretty heavily. Thats kindof ok. but i cought him watching a youtube video of someone playing minecraft. which looks to be alot like everquest or runescape style.

        as in it never ends. I had to tell him never to start playing those games.

        Ive had friends spend 13 hrs a day for years at a time on these wastes of time.


        There are many reasons they are so damn addictive. Mainly that it is an escape. especially for those of who choose to stay away from drugs.

        I think a big reason for games like cod is the false sense of accomplishment.

        The reason we keep playing is because we win some we loose some (or in my case alot).

        If all we did is either win or loose depending on our skill level, we would get bored and eventually stop playing.

        But if you loose/win once in a while it makes you want to win again.

        Im sure activision has spent millions determening the best algorhithm of winning/loosing, bullet damage, latency, to keep people playing. just for a year or so so everyone can think the next game is going to be the savoir of the franchise.

        Sounds crazy, but if i owned a multi billion $ francise i would. why wouldnt they.


        Wait im ranting again.



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    ha ha love your post i would have quit the same way but my wife likes the game so i gotta keep it but i work full time plus a ton of over time. so i rarley have time to turn my xbox on anymore but i did rage hard at the game and said thats it and you know what im glad i raged it got me to stop playing the game i was gonna throw it out my window on the free way but dont want a $1,000 fine for litering l0l

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      Yah alot of women like this game. maybe because they suck due to lack of hand eye coordination. and this game is designed for people that suck.

      You shoud have her play via 4g from your cell phone then she'd dominate beast mode style.

      like eetwidomayloh (he who greets with fire) the hyena killer.

      You may remember him from such films as Eternal enemies lions and hyenas.

      that was right around the time of sega channel.



      Just kidding by the way. About the women suck thing.

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    i snapped black ops in half after a couple months, that was they only way for me to stop playing, and my hair to stop falling out.  ******* mw3, i relasped and am now trying to quit again. its like they invented a new tastier cigarette, or blue meth, but really they didn't change much. its a vicious cycle. is there a 12 step program for cod?

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    i think over the years since COD4 i have broken various controllers etc.. but nothing compares to MW3.. this game is broken.. its even worse then black ops which is saying a lot for the multiplayer lag issues.. anyway COD cant go forward now because its on a backward trend.. to many new idea's have ruined it for everyone..


    time to move to another FPS guys..

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      Does not seem to be the new ideas, more so how they were executed. A good idea does not matter as much as the execution of an idea, the implementation. If IW and Activision thought different, would their actions and results also be different?


      Seems like it - Cheers

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        Its funny after reading through these forums and watching a couple of videos. and reading some posts from the regulars on here. i figured id bust out some Black ocks for old times sake.


        But when i opened the box i stored my system in, i realised i had broken my controller. i uncoiled wires that run the batteries in series so it would be a pain in the ass to fix.


        Some good thinking ahead. had to give myself a pat on the back for that one.