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    azn_chic wrote:


    exactly. and booby traps can be equipment laced with smallpox. so the player that steals the stuff will slowly die throughout the game.

    My favorite booby trap.


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    Do you watch it as well?

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    whenindoubtc4 wrote:


    I think d.s. would be even more welcome with all of that clanging armor you would have on, unless you are bowman, then you would have chainmail, the bowman would be the sniper class if you ask me. 



    it'd be the long bow of course, as you rank up, the stronger your pull on it becomes and the greater the distance you can fire


    still though, the grass would still be ooverpowered

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    Or the crossbow, which was the sniper rifle of the day, but that's what I think.

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    ^ Has to be better than COD: MW CaveMan- Dawn of Time.  I did the beta test, actually the field test.  All we had was dirt, sticks, stones and gras.  But we did have a sweet T-Rex Kill streal reward. No body armor but at level 50 you got a tiger skin shirt.

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    grass is OP...we gotta nerf that lol

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    Was it a saber tooth tiger shirt?  If so that is awesome.

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    whenindoubtc4 wrote:


    Or the crossbow, which was the sniper rifle of the day, but that's what I think.

    When they put Autoloaders on the crossbows it became like a rapid fire SMG.

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    The crossbow was by far one of the most advanced weapons for the time considering how accurate it was, of course the Chinese at the time were tech leaders because they invented gunpowder and other things that revolutionized warfare.  When the cannon first came out in Europe, people probably thought about not using it because of how cumbersome it was, but it was far more powerful than anything else they would use to breach the castle walls.