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15th prestige


I reach 15th prestige level 80 and then it said I can prestige again so I did do now I'm back to prestige 15 level 1 when I was 80? What is the point in that?

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    I was wondering what would happen if i did that. Did you get an extra token?

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    It's so you still have something to do.  People were complaining about being at 10/80 with nothing to do so the devs allow you to "re-prestige (if that's a word)" at level 15 so you don't get bored.  PLUS you can get as many prestige tokens as you want, just keep prestiging. 

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    Benji, did you ever find a clan to roll with, I am intrested in your skill lol.............My clan is the F.Y.C. we are a older group 25+ and play together all the time. We mainly play team deathmatch and kill confirmed, but dabble in domination as well. We have 31 members and 17 premium members now. Only joined 2 clan ops and got 2 gold. I will send you a invite on elite if you want to join us. my ps3 name is McCownClan-Matt