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Black Ops 2: Zombies questions and other questions. Please Answer

Ok in 1st Black Ops Zombies map,"Moon" if you've seen the completed easter egg, Richtofen was possed by Samantha ( His dead daughter ) , and the Earth was blown up by Dr. Maxis ( Idk his name spelling ) ,and once I saw that I thought it was the end of the Nazi Zombies campaign and Dempsy, Takeo, Nikolia, and Richtofen would die, But then i thought maybe some crazy stuff would happen and the storyline would be all screwed up. Or, maybe they would find a defective rocket that didn't launch fix it and then redirect the rocket into deep space, they would get in, or on the rocket and find a planet like Earth with no life but only the endless horde of zombies that they thought they escaped from on the moon. But, of course you can't escape your fate, so I thought the head of the Nazi Zombies campaign ( or whatever you call it ) could either turn the Nazi Zombies into like a Survival campaign like where you have a small amount of time to get all the resources you need to build a defensive base, expand, and make the zombies blood shed from the bullets of their guns ( Survival campaign was inspired by Minecraft ) and, maybe you could make the lobby limit for zombies a little higher like maybe 4-10 because the more players the more fun! Also i thought you can give ELITE members the ability to create their own zombie maps and make servers for them so other players can test them out with their friends or be a lone wolf and test their zombie slaying abilities. Also, I have alot of friends that play black ops and also people on youtube have been saying " We want the wunderwaffe back!" and so do I. Give me any info you can if their is about the Wunderwaffes return. Thats all I can think of now about the storyline and new features. Here are some other questions I thought of: In Black Ops 2 Zombies campaign, will Dr. Richtofen return with a new apperance or same self? Or, will Samantha just take him over completely. Will there be a new part to the map "Five" because I thought there wasn't enough to it because of No room to run, very easy to get corner killed, and the Pentagon gun thief is just so freaking annoying!




                                                                      Thats all I can think of now so, Thanks

                                                                           Big COD Fan, Shooter6000