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Ps3 clan op scheduled for April 13th 2am-5am gmt


It's called immovable force

It's HARDCORE team death match most kills

I'm in uk and it shows as April 13th 2am-5am gmt (ouch)

But to be fair we have just had recently a decent timed one

I've noticed that when we have a good time here in uk/eur say like 9pm-12am in US it's about 4pm start so they moan

But when it's at a good time for US say 9pm-12am that 2am-5am here so we moan

Point is they rotate the ops one for us one for them we take turns but at least they are not just regional but international so we can all still take part

So from this we can take that because of the above we can deduce that their will be someone moaning all the time


The new maps on Xbox look really good this time