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Awesome Clan Recruiting------> Level 11 (almost 12), 33 Members, Custom Title, 2 Hours of Double XP, Gold Clan Tag

Hey bros, First off my clan is called SNIPER (we are renaming sooon!)

We have 33 members all with good k/d's.

We are level 11 almost 12.

We enlist in every competition and have members that play every gamemode.

If you join you will recieve the abiblity to have our custom title that says GetOnMyLevel and also our Gold clan tag TaDa(like magic! ) and also 2 hours of double xp!


here is our clans website..........check it out

if u want to join post a comment on this page or our elite page by clicking the elite picture on our website!

Thanks for reading If you wnt to join you need to have a good KD, if you are a FOUNDER you will be added right away!