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6 Fears 7 Challenge?


6 Fears 7 is listed in the MW3 strategy guide.  http://www.gamestop.com/strategy-guides/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3-official-s trategy-guide/92687 but I can't find anyone who's done it.  I've tweeted InfinityWard and they won't respond.  (not asking them how to do it, just asking if it really exists.)


The description of the challenge is to get a 7-8-9 killstreak.  As you all know, there is no 7-8-9 killstreak in any killstreak selection.


This is what I've tried, but it didn't work.  Maybe if we show all the things we've tried, we can figure out what we CAN do to get it. 



I set up three classes.  One with a 7 kill streak reward, one with an 8 killstreak reward and one with a 9 killstreak reward. I selected no other rewards in these 3 classes.


I selected the 9 kill streak class and got 9 kills, then changed my class to the 8 killstreak class, and died, NOT USING MY REWARD.


I got 8 kills with the second class, changed my class to the 7 killstreak reward class, then died.  Again, not using my reward.


I got 7 kills, then used each of the killstreaks in one this one life. 


Unfortunately, this did not work. 


I also did the same thing as above, using my killstreak each time I earned it, using them all within the same game.


That didn't work either.


Anyone else tried anything that did or did not work?

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    heres a list of all the titles and how to earn them

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    i see it now get a 7-8-9 point streak ok ill go check it out also and pm you if i achieve it

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    I would guarantee its an error. Most of the challenges are copy and pasted from mw2.


    Mw2 had a 789 KS set up. This game doesn't and therefore the challenge is non existent. I'm fairly sure I recall a thread about this not long after the game was out as someone was also confused by this.

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      Maybe it's real, maybe it isn't.  All I know is it's in the book as a hidden challenge.  I'll wait for confirmation from TPTB to disregard, if I can get it. 


      Anyway, this thread was to brainstorm on possible ways to achieve the challenge, if anyone has an idea.


      My post shows it is possible to get a 7-8-9 killstreak in one game, and use them in one life; therefore it is possible to get this challenge if we can figure out how to do it.

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    This is a "Hidden Challenge", as well as others.

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      I got this title in MW2. I know it's irrelavent to your question, just figured it was easy in that game, but I don't think it's in this game at all.

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        List of the "Hidden Challenges" in MW3:


        The Loner - 2500 XP - Get a 10 Pointstreak going with 0 Pointstreaks selected .

        6 Fears 7 - 1500 XP - Get a 7 - 8 - 9 Pointstreak going.

        Mother Of All Bombs (M.O.A.B.) - 2500 XP - Call in 2 M.O.A.B 's . (Call it in 5 times = 5000 XP , 15 = 10000 XP , 25 = 10000 XP )

        Fallout Shelter - 1500 XP - Get killed by an enemy M.O.A.B.

        Infected - 1000 XP - Killed by an infected .. ?

        Renaissance Man - 1000 XP - Kill 3 different people with 3 different guns in one life.

        Transfer - 1000 XP - Stab someone that's infected . ( similar to MW2 STD Challenge )

        Sidekick - 1000 XP - Get 3 kills in one life with your secondary weapon.

        Click Click Boom - 1000 XP - Get a kill with C4 while in Last Stand.

        Hijacker - 2500 XP - Hijack 10 crates . (50 = 5000 XP , 200 = 10000 XP )

        ...with a Vengeance - 1000 XP - Avenge a fallen teammate .

        Martyrdoh - 1000 XP - Kill an enemy that's cooking a frag grenade.

        Martyr - 1000 XP - Get a kill with a martyrdom death streak .

        Living Dead - 1000 XP - Survive Final Stand .

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    Yo, yo. People! Listen up! I have an idea. It's not that different from what your doing.


    The 6 Fears 7 challenge refers to getting a "7 - 8 - 9" POINTstreak going. Emphasis on the POINT in pointstreak.


    Now, you guys already know that in all three of the strike packages, a 7 - 8 - 9 killstreak doesn't exsist. But now look at this.


    To get a higher pointstreak to get your KILLstreaks (UAV, Sentry Gun, Predator Missle, etc.), it goes like this:


    1 KILL = 1 POINT








    See? All you guys are thinking of the KILLing part of the POINTstreaks. If you take a look at fpsvendetta's second post with all the hidden achievements, and if you read the 6 Fears 7 challenge, it actually says POINTstreak instead of KILLstreak.


    In short, the 6 Fears 7 challenge, when it asks you to get a 7 - 8 - 9 POINTstreak (not KILLstreak ) going, means by picking up flags, capturing flags, defusing bombs, etc., three times in a row.


    One last note is, is I don't think this could work. I think some of you may be right, that Infinity Ward just carelessly recycled a challenge that shouldn't be in this game. But I have a feeling this could work. I haven't done this before, but attempted to do this yesterday, but always died .


    I hope this helps.

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      Good idea.  Try to stay alive and let us know if it works.


      FYI: In MW3 they changed "killstreaks" to "pointstreaks" because you can get the rewards by capping flags, planting bombs, etc.  Those didn't count towards your "streaks" before, so they changed the name.

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      The wording is a little different between the two:


      MW2:  Get a 7-8-9 killstreak in a match


      MW3:  Get a 7-8-9 pointstreak going. 


      It can't be a simple as getting 9 pointstreaks in a row.  I've done that before and I've gotten a 7, 8 and 9 killstreak on one game. 


      I just wish IW would answer my question, then at least I'd know whether I'm wasting my time.

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        I haven't tried too hard but maybe go for a 7 kill streak then die. Then go for the 8 and die. Then do it for 9. In that order. As for whoever said we are focusing on killstreaks rather than pointstreaks, a kill is a point so it is the same thing

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    Does anyone know if there is space for the title, like on MW2?

    That should indicate if its in the game.

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    Its listed as one of my tracked challenges in the elite menus, i've tried getting 7 kills 8 assists and 9 deaths, that didnt work, maybe you have to get six kills then a triple.

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    it does not give you a title or emblem. infinity ward recycled this challenge. it will not unlock a locked elite emblem either, seeing as those are for the clan challenges coming out shortly. IW messed up, eos.

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    Well, I've been trying to get this challenge done as well and a bit stumped by how it's done. I managed to get a 7-8-9 killstreak playing KC but I didn't get credit for the challenge. I got 7 kills in a row, died, got 8 kills in a row, died and then got 9 kills in a row (yes I camped to do this; not gunna lie)


    Not sure what gives here.

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    has anyone tried to do it in drop zone game mode?

    it still has the emergency airdrop.

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    has anyone tried to do it in drop zone game mode?

    it still has the emergency airdrop.

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    Maybe it has something to do with the riddle. You know!  6 fears 7 because 7 8 (as in ate) 9


    Maybe if some one could work with that and figure it out.