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For all those who THINK they have a lag issue.


First off I will admit there is a lag issue in MW3. I've seen it.


Recently I bought a second PS3 cause my son was playing Black Ops all the time and I could never get time to play. I have been as many of you convinced that my bad playing was due to a lag issue. My KDR was jumping all over the place. Sometimes not even able to get a kill.


My son recently switched to MW3 and we play together all the time. While my KDR keeps jumping all over the place my stone cold killer son is fairly consistant at a 2 to 4 KDR averaging 40 to 50 Kills per games. Even in TDM. Where I average...well not even half that.


To sum up I can't blame my poor playing on lag or hacking or anything else. It's all me. I just don't get. I watch top players on the theatre and I watch my son play and there doesn't seem to be anything special that they are doing.


I give up on MW3. Maybe I can go back to WOW. Does anyone still play that?