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no 5.1 (speakers) for mw3?

hey guys this is a copy paste of my thread over on xbox forums, but just thought i'd throw it here as well. seems as though mw3 doesn't support  5.1?


     hey all ... i have THIS yamaha home theatre set up.


Black ops handles the 5.1 just fine last i checked...

1 hdmi cable goes xbox>unit  hdmi cable goes unit > tv

I have no idea why it now will only send me standard 2.1 audio

I also have this problem for netflix.

I have tried setting the system audio in the far right tab to both 5.1 and WMA pro.

neither works.

I still have the remote for my HT unit to make whatever adjustments are nessecary on it.

Thanks in advance.


     also just tested kinect tuner audio which has 5.1  and it worked perfectly!


     also, no, i am not particularly interested in buying some turtle beach headsets or anything similar


anyways, if you need any other info from me let me know!


upon further investigation the netflix 5.1 did work on one of the blade movies and properly played from the rear speakers.


So.... is this just a case of activision/IW being lazy/uncoordinated after the original IW people quit to form the new company? what exactly happened here?

This is supposed to be a AAA title and I would expect 5.1 at least, considering how many other games have it and how prevelant it has been through out the series... why not just use the same sound engine as mw2?