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A new hack in MW3

The hacking is getting close to ridiculous in mw3, and now it's been getting way out of hand.

What has happened in this image is beyond imagenable, too much for words to discribe

So many things were happening at once, I don't even know where to start >_<;; Just see for yourself.. I don't even want to see this ever again. And hopefully the codes for this wasn't leaked to the internet.

I'll try my best to describe it, but you might as well see the picture. It makes the screen flash random colors, the colors were messed up but it was all mostly red, you teleport everywhere, the game starts making demonic noises, and there's constant loud screaching. It scared the $#!7 out of me, took a pic then powered off my wii. Haven't touched it since.

I would have taken a video, but I don't have a video camera, but my phone camera was able to get a good shot of what was going though.

Like they say, a pictures worth a thousand words.. here you go


TL;DR - New hack, took pic