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I got a MOAB in Dome with...


With Type 95/Kick, worst thing was that I enjoyed it...


I'm a bad, bad man

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    It's only a cheap and unearned MOAB if it was gotten with the exremely OP pp90m1 or the OP beyond all belief Akimob FMGs. Type 95 may be ehh but it's still an assault rifle and anyone that can get an assault rifle MOAB gets a thumbs up in my book.

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    I'm a 3 round burst hater but my applause to you~

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    PP90M1, MP7 or ACR 6.8 would have been much worse, it's cool.

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    i got a moab on dome with the mk14 about a week ago...  I felt pretty good about that one

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      The way you can feel even more special about that one is by running at SMG users with MK14 and just 1 hit kill them with headshot.


      Best thing about MK14 is those calm shots to the chest pew....1,2.... and the second to the head pew "click"

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    Type 95 is a good gun.


    Three round burst weapons have always been beasts... CoD4 M16 was amazing even without stopping power.


    MW2 - Famas


    Black ops - M16+ whatever sight, G11.


    And now we have MW3, which is incredibly fast paced and close quarter which makes Submachine guns rule the game.


    But 3 round bursts always wreck young players, the thing is you need to have good accuracy with them to make sure you get the kill, but in close quarters you really don't have a lot of chance of missing xD So their power is boosted by how easy it is to hit someone.


    Type95 is what it's meant to be... a good Three Round Burst weapon with a pretty decent time between bursts, I can't believe there are noobs that use Rapid Fire on it, specially since the iron sights aren't all that good.


    You shouldn't feel ashamed, it's a great gun.

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      I agree that Type 95 is epic weapon, but the thing is that it is just too much, I've never faced anyone who would of used it the way I did and I kept taking down the whole enemy team even they came together at me.


      Today I started to use M16, all I can say is that even though several people think it sucks, the fact is that we're the ones who are just bad with it, I have never done this good with it, 34-10, 27-4, 15-0 (host ended the match)

      But you really need to get nearly perfect shots unless you want to stick on long distance during all the matches you use it.

      Kick and rapid fire on M16 is all you need, though the rapid fire doesn't make huge difference so basically kick is the only thing, still...

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        I disagree, rapid fire makes a huge difference when you're caught in a sticky situation. W/o rapid fire, the m16 fires frustratingly slow, its almost like a pump action shotgun. If you miss your first shot you have a good chance of being dead

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    I got it with a pillow gun. Beat that narbs.